Are there exercises to get taller?

Exercising to grow taller is like eating fast food excessively to lose weight. In a world where there is a quick pill fix that claims to fix everything from penis size to weight loss and everything in between; it isn’t surprising that there are ‘exercise programs’ and ‘growth supplements’ on the market trying to capitalize on people who wish they were just a few inches taller. You may be able to improve your health and posture, but you won’t get any taller no matter what you do.

There are no exercises that can make you taller, most people stop their growth cycle in their late teens and will never grow an inch more no matter what they attempt to do. There are many claims out there that exercises to grow taller involve yoga like techniques, but these techniques actually just help improve your posture. Proper posture of course is crucial for good health but it also looks good and lessens aches and pains.
If you are someone who tends to slouch their shoulders or forgets to stand up straight, you’ll appear smaller to those around you while hurting your posture and possibly causing damage to your back and muscles. If you use exercises to aid in maintaining proper posture and you stretch regularly; you’ll feel better and people may comment that you look taller.

Of course you haven’t grown an inch, instead your improved posture will make you appear your true height that you were all along. Many posture improving techniques and exercises are touted as exercises that increase your height, but this is only a clever marketing technique to separate you from your hard earned dollars. You should look into exercise techniques such as yoga to achieve better posture to improve your health and life, not to see if you can add an inch or two to your vertical reach.

You can gain and lose weight but you can’t gain and lose height. Any differences you or someone near you might notice about your height is going to be due to the shoes you wear, how you walk, and how good your posture is. If you are still concerned about your height, make sure you wear clothes and shoes that accent your body and maximize how tall you appear. Of course you could also wear shoes that add a few inches to your height, although only when you wear them. You can look taller but you won’t become physically taller. And remember to keep those shoulders back, head up, and sit up straight, just like your mother always used to say.