Article marketing: A virtual handshake 24/7

Internet businesses lack one thing that made brick and mortar businesses more personal, individual, and potentially more successful.  In the online world, there are no sincere looks eye to eye and no firm handshake to seal a deal.  When you lack of face to face relationship with your customer our client, you must create the feel of one on one attention.  Article marketing, one of the most popular ways of getting traffic to your web site or blog, can serve as a virtual handshake 24/7.

What things do a handshake convey in face to face business?  Shaking someone’s hand not only gives your promise of the transaction but promises a certain level of quality to satisfy the customer client.  It also creates a feeling of trustworthiness and professionalism.  Article marketing can do all of these things for your Internet based business.

When you write an article for your marketing purposes, you not only have to include specific keywords, quality information, and a link to your web site or blog.  In order to create a virtual handshake 24/7 through your article marketing methods, you must connect personally with the reader.  Instead of straight data, you have to convey the feelings of individuality and personal attention that will elevate your Internet based business above all rest.

How do you do all these things with a simple article?  The first thing to remember is to write your article for a specific audience.  General information is fine, but will not get to the targeted traffic you need to profit.  Identify your target reader and then write the article to precisely solve the problem that they would need your product or services to solve.  If you create the feeling that your article was written specifically for a person, you have achieved that individual attention that is akin to a virtual handshake.

Creating trustworthiness online can be a challenge.  The Internet is rife with scams, cheaters, and businesses that use questionable moral practices.  A face to face handshake is, in an offline business, essentially a promise to do your best for the customer client.  In order to create this feeling with your article marketing, you must give the reader enough of the solution that they will feel comfortable coming to you for the rest of it.  Using the author’s biography at the end of the article to give a guarantee or list impressive credentials can go far to creating this feeling.

Article marketing can be a virtual handshake 24/7.  Since online business owners cannot meet their customers or clients in person, it is important to convey the same feelings as you can with a handshake in the offline business industry.