As The World Football League Is The Best Of The Best

Series A, Liga and the Premiership all requests in a loud voice to be the best football league in the world today. However, whatever the statement more true. The recognition is the best thing is an honor that requires not only proud, but also the ability to draw some of the best players and sponsorship agreements to protect the surface even more. There are many factors to consider, players club leagues are now rewarded, and the quality of football played in honor of their various aspects. And ‘This is the bolt tactical and physical Italians the highest pressure in the Premier League? It would be too much on Flair to win the Premier League midfield constant force of England? Like the Mediterranean cousins ​​compare?

Comparison of different brands, “beautiful game” we must take into account many factors that make them very individual. History, present and future are all crucial to the contrary, these different characters, and eventually build an understanding of one does not stand above the rest.


The first and often the most preferred for fans to compare the championships, with the best players? The natural assumption for this is that Spain has the upper hand in this argument, especially as both the world (Ronaldinho) and European (Fabio Cannavaro) Players of the Year plays in La Liga. Spain also has many other talents, Madrid, Van Nistelrooy, Raul, Robinho and Beckham, Barca could boast Ronaldinho, Deco, Messi, Eto’o and Zambrotta. Other clubs also have huge artists, David Villa and Joaquin Sanchez, Valencia, Riquelme of Villarreal, to name a few.

Italy has an impressive list of Galactic, however, probably due to the pedestrian other over the Serie A players tend to be slightly older. Internazionale (or Inter) have the list of the most impressive, Crespo, Ibrahimovic, Veron, Stankovic, Figo and Samuel all folds are sharing the Nerazzurri. His rival in the city of Milan is also a cornucopia of stars, despite the loss of Andriy Shevchenko talisman Chelsea in the summer, have a world beater Riccy Kaka. As players as famous as Andrea Pirlo, Alessandro Nesta and Alberto Gilardino to a source that contains enough talent to challenge for any title. We should also mention that the rear of Milan still contains the legendary Paolo Maldini as captain. With the shadow of Calciopoli against the Italian top flight, which must be mentioned is the exodus of the Serie A that occurred during the summer has seen several of his best employees leave the division.

Thuram and Zambrotta left for Barcelona Juventus, Fabio Cannavaro and Emerson, even Bianconieri joined their coach Fabio Capello at Real Madrid, Serie A and the old favorites such as Alessandro Del Piero, Buffon Gigi, Pavel Nedved and David Trezeguet have decided to remain faithful to the old woman and ply their trade in Serie B for a season. As mentioned, Shevchenko has also left the Rossoneri for Chelsea.

Even if we have to discuss with Chelsea say they are clearly a major player in European football today. The hypothesis that there is currently a football is that when it comes to transfer market, Premier Champions League is a team that all others must follow. Because the funds until the owner seemingly limitless wonder Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, Chelsea has collected a group of stars match any other club in the world. Terry and Lampard, even before the benefactor of the Russian effort, players like Arjen Robben, Didier Drogba, Joe Cole and the like Shevchenko. Premier League can boast some of the best players in the world Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas at Arsenal, Rooney, Rio and Ronaldo of Manchester United and Liverpool talismanic captain Steven Gerrard.

The most important thing to understand when comparing undoubtedly a huge display of these talents in different leagues, is that even if we look from the point of view, they are now, the future is also an important factor. As we have discussed the series does not usually have a more experienced galacticos, while Premier League can claim that Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas are some of the most promising talents. Spanish football could also argue that the spread is to cover young people, for example, where the young Sergio Aguero and Fernando “El Nino” Torres of Atletico, Lionel Messi and Barça have a name to look at Matias Fernandez, Chile playmaker due to join Villarreal in January.


Football in the twenty-first century is much more than the game was in previous decades. Now is a business, and one of the largest in the world for that. Transfer prices are now so it seems “Tom, Dick or Harry” is a value of £ 15 million. Players’ salaries have also experienced astronomical increases. To the extent that £ 3 million a year salary is not considered quite scandalous for a top international player. With costs rising steadily clubs, someone is needed to meet these requirements imposed extravagant.

Sponsorships, television rights and marketing resources are now used by top clubs, which now sells a “brand” rather than a sport. Association of products for shirts bearing the company names are the marketing aspect of the big clubs and leagues are crucial to the strength in it.

An annual inspection by the office of Deloitte called to release the details of the best clubs in Europe in the last financial period. In essence, the “rich list” side, comparing the profitability and market position in football today. The most recent version of this list is from the 2005 season and the zenith of the list is almost entirely dominated by our three major championships. ”

The 2005 requires that the global market leader in terms of football is now Real Madrid. The previous year had been dominated by the marketing machine of Manchester United, but the Castilian club has taken the mantle of English rivals. Much of this change of fortune was the factor “of David Beckham.

The former England captain David Beckham is famous for his private life as he is for his football. Married to “Spice Girl”, the midfielder looks more like the player pop stars, sporting numerous tattoos, outrageous hair constantly, and the diversity of jojen product. Described as “the most photographed athlete ever,” Beckham is worth his weight in Euros for his club team. The fact that Manchester United, which has already passed the rich list, Beckham was dethroned by the new club Real Madrid is considered as a test of human dignity from a marketing perspective. However, it is worth mentioning that Madrid is in the field performances have declined, while their finances better, and more recently, the list can also be a hint of Beckham in the field diminishes the power of football.

The ten best teams in the list are, except for the Bavarian giants Bayern Munich, in Spain, Italy or England. Most are dominated by the Premier League as Manchester United see (2 º), Chelsea (fifth), Liverpool (eighth) and Arsenal (10), this is followed by three clubs of Serie A in Milan (3 º) , Juventus (fourth) and Inter (9 th) and Spain La Liga has only two top ten entries, despite the real top list, followed by Barcelona’s rivals in the sixth inning. Looking at these figures, the first thing to emphasize that they are not as current as we would like, should also receive the list will be compiled later, definitely see the effect of Calciopoli on the Italian coast.


To what extent depends on the alloy to entertain greatly on how you like football. Three characters, all their features vary greatly, and the taste is an important factor in this, after all a man’s poison is another pineapple. The main differences in these alloys are of course the style of football has been in every country. While on the surface this may seem obvious, but if we look at the extent to which the national football has become very multicultural, it is positive that these alloys to maintain their identity in spite of.

The brand of football played in the league are very different. As mentioned earlier, the Italian game is based on the technique, the possession of control and patience. The cattenaccio the Italian game of today is not as negative as the pages in the middle of the twentieth century, in which five defenders would be used to enforce a strict man marking with a “libero” slotting behind a ball Thurs sweeper. Unfortunately, the system in its original state is now obsolete, since the two areas scoring system is almost exclusively been the status quo of the modern game, and the sweepers are now little used. But football played in Serie A is now one that echoes to this system.

Calcio is often considered by those in northern Europe as boring, but those closer to the Mediterranean as a set of purists that encapsulates a higher standard of football than any other. Football in Italy has been likened to a chess game, with a more systematic approach than others. Defenders often gifted possession like any other office, place not found anywhere else in football. The football game style uses a lot of short passes to open up pockets of space rather than for more long balls forward. The game requires a very high level of technical expertise with the art of controlling and passing crucial.

Critics of the Italian game often indicate a lack of rhythm and time to play attacking its shortcomings. The objectives are notoriously difficult to obtain, in fact, still decorated by Luca Toni to investigate an impressive 31 goals season last year, the first player to score more goals than thirty Series 48 years. As such, many people want the hustle and bustle of leagues like the Premier League.

The Premiership is a division very fast and furious focus on strength, pace and drive. This is not bear the fact that a very high level of football can be seen in flight than in England, but the entire game is driven in a very physically demanding. English football has been criticized in the eighties and nineties, with a predominance of football “long ball”. The theory is that long, goes straight into forward areas create opportunities for employees targeted big, physical strikers. This style has often been regarded as not being gracious and was lambasted by critics. Despite the fact that the English league has evolved in the same manner as the roots catenaccio A Serie A, this style is always to some extent today, although the Champions League Chelsea have been criticized for using such a style.

Although there is no more than a technical level, the Premier League is often advertised as “the most exciting league in the world” because of its non-stop action full of intensity.

Unlike the Premier League has a style of his own hero. Borrow as much flair of ethics in the South American football, the Spanish league is famous for its fast, flowing game of the brand forward. Spanish Primera Division has won many adherents in recent years, mainly thanks to Zidane inspired Galacticos in Madrid and the latest exploits of Barcelona Ronaldinho Gaucho. The emphasis in Spain, more than any other in Europe, is the offensive game. The courses are based around the ball to play midfield and the wings of talent. This does produce a very open brand of football, but this often means exposing defensive weaknesses. Except for occasional (Sergio Ramos, Carles Puyol) Spanish defenders are generally not as strong as their counterparts in more in the game. This, combined with the possibility of attackers in the league very attractive from the standpoint of the spectators.

Notwithstanding the stereotypes that we studied, there are clear exceptions to every rule, and this case is no different. Despite being generally oriented solid defense, Milan, Carlo Ancelotti has been praised for their attacking football in Serie A. In addition, and perhaps the best example of this, there is Arsenal. Arsene Wenger’s men continually produce some of football’s most free-flowing football of today. But for obvious reasons, the holding may be motivated North London to be the exception, as they have one side almost completely dominated by foreign players. To the extent that since the departure of Sol Campbell and Ashley Cole, it is unlikely that the English will, the Gunners be complete, traction at all.


What makes it interesting the championship is often based on not only the vastness of or in connection with the main characters, but the proximity of competitors. In all leagues, such as spheres of life, has historically been a large end of the largest financial acumen, but it is not competition, is a spectacle.

The Premier League has been dominated by the wealth of Chelsea during the last two seasons, despite the fact that it takes more than money to dominate the league (although it helps) and it is a credit to both the players and the coaching staff they have taken the last two consecutive titles with ease. This season, however, paints a different picture. The wily Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is now producing the results that the vast talent of stars are capable of, and right now is eight points ahead of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea commendable.

Beyond the first two, we see something that you see for some time Premier League. The gap between the top teams and the riders can reasonably be described as similar to that gap. Previously, the first four that added to Liverpool and Arsenal for the current table top competitors, but, unfortunately, a neutral, this gap has widened these clubs as well. This is not to create what can be considered almost “matches”, which followed behind Manchester United and Chelsea will take the remaining places in Europe, the prestigious Champions League.

This package includes both hunting Liverpool and Arsenal, the team followed in force Bolton Wanderers and Tottenham Hotspur, but effectively to any other page that can bring together a good run of results can infiltrate the group, as was the case with surprise package of last season for Wigan Athletic, who almost got a UEFA Cup berth, despite relegation touted as favorites before the season began.

Spain can also see the domain of a club in the past two seasons as the main topic of debate. Barcelona, ​​back to back titles have not yet received anything, as the treatment of similar projects that have Chelsea. While the “boo boys” were in effect “pooh-neglecting” the wealth, the attitude and style (or lack thereof) of holders of the Premiership, the success of Barcelona has been hailed as a victory “for the style of adversity. “From the point of view of many purists”, the brand of flowing football that the club is very pleasing to the eye and the fact that the Catalans football are considered copyright, rather than new rich Mourinho could be a factor.

The League for the moment still see the Catalan club at the top, a small revival of its rivals Real Madrid has been temporarily blocked as the surprise team of trying to Sevilla “spoil.” The bridesmaids Valencia seems to have moved to a position closer to an officer of justice as Atletico Madrid and Zaragoza enjoy good shape. Unlike the Premiership, La Liga does not usually lead to the gap between the high and competitors. Such is the nature of Spanish football, if unexpected, the best teams are more often beaten by their less illustrious competitors.

In the Italian first division, again competitiveness is affected by the match-fixing scandal. The opening of the season, seemed to be a two-horse race. In recent seasons this has been the case with Juventus facing The Scudetto with Milan. However, with Milan and Juventus points have been fitted to cope with life in Serie B, left Rome and Inter Milan in the fight for the title. Among others, the perennial underachievement of calico, have amassed one of the strongest teams in the world and now and keep a clear distance ahead of its rivals. Nine consecutive wins for Inter (Italian record) saw Mancini’s men look down the barrel of his royal title on the first (who were awarded the title in 2006, if not the higher side as guilty of any fault in scandal Calciopoli) in more than a decade.

In conclusion

The first attempt to solve this problem, I can honestly I do not understand exactly what I undertake. The three leagues are packed with all the things that make football the world’s largest, and in my opinion the best sport. Instead studied a cynical eye, we should really embrace these bastions of passion, talent and ability, rejoicing in the joy that millions of fans get three small collections of some twenty team. But I’m going on a journey, a journey that has lasted longer than expected but still a trip to the root, which I thought was the best.

If this assessment leaves all the attributes of the league match, then the next separates. Money and marketing are more important in the Premier League than any other non-American Sports and the financial credibility overshadow everything that makes Spain or Italy can boast. However, the argument in this case, it should remain, what is important (bragging rights aside) is the money? Which brings us to the question, is money that are not potentially ruin last of these leagues? Using Italy as a first example, the great football broadcaster James Richardson cites this as the reason for the fate of the slowdown in Serie A, believed to have spent the money on the turn of the century was actually “promised” funds TV rights projects the future unfortunately never materialized. However, the Premier, the money keeps rolling in.

Finally we bring to the final question of competitiveness and Calciopoli forcing the Serie A to remove his rider, leaving a two-horse race. In this issue, I am my previous position and the safeguarding of the Premier League. No disrespect to Real Madrid, but I can not see Barcelona this season being usurped. To watch football for many years, you learn to know when an outbreak is threatening, and Madrid is not that. Manchester United, however, the elite of English, for the first time in many years, looks set to reach a conclusion really nail biting.

Overall, as I already said everything, I’m sorry that I have to admit that Italy, for all their difficulties, they can not compete. This upsets me, because it was a series where I have a lot of my development of football fans, spending in the Mediterranean enjoy watching the game with the skill of the players equally glamorous exotic monikered ‘. It ‘true that the average Italian top flight football is more than the ability to key in his British counterpart, but the stigma of the scandal is too obvious the present atmosphere of the series could be considered. I hope we will see a renaissance in Italian football, and that in the next decade we will see the nation’s rejuvenated and re-match of their counterparts Spanish and English.

So it’s the latter two, and in fact could not be closer. And ‘the Premier League, however, which I think is the best. And ‘the width of the escape of the reproductive organs, but the Premier League is a big deal. I think the most interesting crop of young players, chasing the title world’s most competitive, and the best supporters. It is the largest global audience, and is (slightly), the strongest nation in the world in the transfer market. This does not diminish in the Premier League, League of attacking endless improvisation, creativity and adventure, league, which has a history, it is impossible for talented players is Ronaldinho, but its shortcomings are too light. Unhappy is the defense of an example of this is too large, and the issue can be ignored.

For me, the Premier League has only recently received the mantle, has sought since its inception. For Baggios Bastens van, Papins, Maldinis, Batistutas and friends of the Century Series Zizous something, Figos, Rivaldos, Ronaldo et al Rauls is a millennium La Liga, has always been different in English football from top to tree, however, is now clear that the FA Premier League is a big factor in football today, and given the money spent to maintain and further the mantle, the predict that this is the case for many years.