Asian Women Say That Childbirth is Less Painful

One question that lots of ladies ask is if labor causes harm the same for every mother? Is childbirth always that painful? Do each mother feel the same pain during childbirth?

Almost all childbirth experts in the present day would likely reply “yes” to said question; nevertheless, new research demonstrates that there may be groups of females or even cultural dissimilarities that may influence the level of childbirth soreness.

Labor Active Phase Is Longer for Asian Women

A group of Columbia University anesthesiologists studied one hundred births in consecutive order as they happened. All of the females who contributed in the study were pregnant with their first kids. Every participant expressed themselves as being a member of one of the below stated ethnic groups: white, black, Asian, Hispanic or other.

One of the remarkable results was that the females who expressed themselves as Asian had extended active phases of childbirth than any of the females in the different groups.

Labor Was Not as Much Painful for Asian Pregnant Women

Mothers who belong to Asian ethnic groups also reported that childbirth was less distressing than all of the other groups of pregnant women. Is this because of a cultural difference in that group of females or as a result of how they look at childbirth? Or is it true that labor is really less distressing for this mothers population?

It can be possible that having a longer or slower active phase of childbirth allowed the women to cope easily with the soreness of labor. Probably an increased coping skill then influenced their experience of childbirth so that this group of Asian women reported labor as less distressing.

Women’s Weight May Lead to Longer Labor Phase

One more interesting fact is that the women’s weight played an important role in the labor process. Females who were heavier had longer labor phases. Besides that, heavier mothers reported that the soreness they experienced happened later than what the other groups stated.

Childbirth Inductions are Known to Lead to More Childbirth Pain

It’s not uncommon to hear a woman describe her labor induction as leading to more childbirth soreness than having spontaneous work actions. One of the causes of this is that pitocin utilized in the women’s IV does not produce the same level of endorphins, which are soreness blockers in work process.