Asking for a raise or promotion

In my line of work you don’t ask for a promotion and asking for a raise is like pulling teeth because our city don’t like giving their fire fighters, police and public works people raises. To get a promotion in my line of work you have to study for the position you are wishing to apply.For those of you that work in the public sector getting a raise or promotion may not be as hard.

Never feel bad about asking for a raise especially if you think you deserve it.

Before you ask for a raise do your homework and search what the current salary is for your job and what it pays at today’s rate.

Before you go ask for this raise or promotion have a list of your accomplishments. This list should contain certificates, awards, or anything that makes you look like you are being underpaid for what you do.

Now that you have all your ammunition that you need it shouldn’t be hard to sell yourself to your boss as his best investment.

If by some chance you don’t get the promotion or raise ask your boss why and what can you do to increase your chances of getting a raise or promotion later.

if you don’t get a raise or promotion within the first five years you may want to consider looking for another job or company where you can excel. Some other things you can do to make your resume look good is to volunteer for any service you company may offer. Classes, benefits, social gatherings, or anythig else your company needs you to attend or repersent them in be glad to go because some other employer may see your potential.