Baby Elephant Cries For Help After His Pack Abandons Him

Every animal has its own family. Even predators like the lion and cheetah are vicious, but they also love their families. The same can be said for elephants. This is a unique story of an elephant that got separated from its pack and was left behind stuck. We’ll walk you through this baby elephants journey back to its folks.


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We all have seen those elephants on the Discovery channel where elephants are always somewhere in some body of water taking baths. That’s just something an elephants do. However, the African rivers aren’t always just water. There was a great amount of mud in their river and our elephant was rolling in and he got stuck.


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The elephants are not one to leave an infant behind. But, getting that baby out of the mud was a feat they couldn’t achieve. They called in the reinforcements and soon the entire pack was doing its best to get the baby elephant out. But, their efforts were in vain. They weren’t giving up but their efforts would soon be interrupted by an uninvited guest.


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A jeep full of men started to approach the pack. The car was going in circles and trying to separate the pack but the elephants held their ground, however, the younger elephants buckled under the stress and ran for it. Now, the adults were split between going with the rest of the pack or staying with the stuck elephant. They’re just elephants, but even they can do the math.


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Even though they tried to stick there as long as possible, the elephants had to leave the stuck baby eventually for the rest of their pack. Now, the men in the jeep were coming closer to him. Fortunately, their intentions weren’t bad.


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The men in the jeep were rangers from the Elephant Part that heard the pack’s distress calls. They had to scare away the other elephants because they couldn’t get close to the elephant safely. The rangers tried everything they could to get the elephant out but it was too heavy even though it was an infant. However, their efforts gave the enough room to crawl out on its own.


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The last time this elephant was trapped, it wasn’t his choice. But, this time, it was to protect him. The rangers tied him to a tree with a rope because they had no idea where the pack was. And, if the elephant did run off, he’d be devoured before he could run a few hundred meters. Even though it was for his safety, the elephant wasn’t happy with his confines, he even did as much as he could to break the rope, but he couldn’t.


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The elephant was really hostile to the rangers. But, once a ranger gave him water, he showed signs of friendliness. He even let a ranger approach and touch him without lashing out. It seemed like he was calming down as he drinking water. He even took a quick wash with the bucket of water.


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One day, the rangers heard the same distress call they heard a few days earlier. At the same time, the baby elephant started lashing out and tried to do its best to escape. The elephants came back to the location where they abandoned the calf and were searching for him. Now, the rangers led the elephant straight to his pack to reunite him with his family.