Bad Lieutenant Review

I give the movie 3/10.

The movie featured Nicholas Cage. He is a very good actor. But I was not impressed what so ever in this movie. He takes the roll of a cop, and he gets promoted to a Lieutenant of the cop forces. He does drugs, heroin and marijuana, and later in the show he becomes more and more addicted. He almost kills an old lady, and the story line does not even start making sense till at least 40 minutes into the movie. He kept getting in more trouble, and some parts of this movie just did not make any sense what so ever. He betrayed leaders and always was sneaking drugs. He was not a very good actor in this movie, and the ending was one of the worst I have personally seen. Their was not no action seens what so ever except for sex scenes which their was at least 5 of them in the movie and one shoot out which was not even 10 seconds long. It was all about how he got into trouble and he kept getting himself deeper into it, until he finally tricked the drug lord into helping him, and he got his money and got the drug dealer arrested afterwards. Pretty shaky story line really, people come into the movie that could have been left out easily. Nicholas Cage was high nearly the entire movie making the movie even worse.

Overall bad movie only reason that it gets 3/10 is because of the actor. Would not really recommend watching it unless you have nothing else to do. Was not impressed at all.