Banana Stem Salad Cures Kidney Stones

Banana, the tropical herb, has been traditionally used as a dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and blandness. Every part of this tree has a lot of medicinal values. It helps to promote the retention of calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen – all of which are essential in building up sound and regenerated tissues.

Banana for treating kidney stone

All the parts of banana are valuable in kidney disorders because of their low protein and salt content and high carbohydrate content. They are useful in uremia, a toxic condition of the blood die to kidney congestion and dysfunction. The innermost core of the banana plant and the juice from the stem are well-known remedies for urinary disorders. It has been used successfully in the treatment for the removal of stones in the kidney, gall bladder, and prostate.

Banana stem salad

The innermost core of the banana bark is a white stem that forms from the root to the bunch. It is available in the market or it can be cut from the banana tree by peeling the layers of the stem bark. We have to remove the layers until we reach the absolute core.

Ingredients needed

Banana stem core                      – about one foot

Onion (cut into thin rings)         – 1

Buttermilk                                 – 1 cup

Thick creamy yogurt                 – 1½ cup

Coriander seed powder              – ½ tsp (teaspoon)

Cumin seed                                – ½ tsp

Black pepper powder               – 1 tsp

Apple (peeled and chopped)    – 1

Cucumber (chopped)                – 1

Beetroot (boiled and cubed)     – 1

Tomatoes (chopped)                 – 2

Lettuce leaves                          – ½ cup

Salt as per need

Method of preparation

1) Clean the banana stem carefully into small pieces and remove the fiber between the cuttings.

2) Then soak them in buttermilk for about two or three hours, after which you can drain the banana pieces and keep them in a glass bowl adding a little salt.

3) Apply a little salt to the onion rings, lettuce, beetroot, cucumber and tomato cubes.

4) Now mix the salted vegetables, apple and banana stem pieces with coriander, cumin and pepper.

5) Now pile the whole mixture in the glass bowl, add yogurt and whisk them well. Add salt and pepper for taste.

6) Garnish with lettuce leaves and keep the mixture cool. Serve after two hours.

The banana stem salad is a very delicious snack suitable for all. It is not only tasty but also very good for health.