Batteries: Toss Out Or Recycle (Debate)

First off, I would like to say, that this debate is of great concern to me.

I care about our Mother Earth.

I chose to be on the “recycle” side of this debate.

We should all recycle things that are harmful to the environment. There are a lot of us, that have children and grandchildren and “we,” as a society, are destroying whatever we get our hands on.
Why do you think, that our children, that are being born in this day in age, are being born with diseases, or they end up dying, before their little eyes are able to see the light of day? It is because we are giving them these diseases, or killing them with the environment that we live in. We are destroying the Earth, before our children ever have the chance to live free without the many different kinds of pollution.

I think there should be (not only), recycling for bottles and cans, but there should also be recycling plants for other things like: batteries (of every kind), computers, televisions, stereos. Other luxuries like: beds, clothing and footwear. I think it may not only save us a lot of money, but be able to save our environment for the future of our little ones. It is bad enough, that our trees are being cut down in our forests and Global Warming, is putting pressure on our Earth, but I think we should all think seriously about getting in contact with our governments and tell them that we are not going to take what they are dishing out anymore.

THEY have to look at things from our side of the playing field, they should smarten themselves up and care more for the environment. I know it is probably a big waste of time, but do they not have children themselves? I am sure, that if they were in our shoes for just one day, then maybe they would think seriously about going to their government offices to raise a big stink. It saddens me to know the pressures there are on our Earth. God gave this to us and look what we are doing to it. He took a precious gift, gave it to us and we turn around and destroy it.

Really …. how much sense, does that make?

We have to thank the ones that came before us, for already setting the destructive path of our Earth. Thank you very much, you damned IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

Copyright Cynthia Jones