Battle Plan With Pakistan, Likely Scenario

When I was undergoing course at the Defense Services Staff College, Wellington one of the exercises which were studied was a battle scenario with Pakistan. Much water has flown down the river since then, but I suppose a reader may be interested how a battle with Pakistan will unfold. It should be remembered that in the last 64 years India and Pakistan have gone to war 4 times with Pakistan being the loser in 3 of them and one in 1965 ending as a stalemate or draw.

The political situation has now greatly changed. Pakistan as well as India is facing internal challenges. These will have to be factored in. To start with if I was the commander I would keep one strike corp. with armored regiment in West Rajasthan. I would plan for the strike corps with an armor thrust to enter Pakistan through Munabao. I will keep one corp at the neck, the border of Punjab and Kashmir. Here wean expect a thrust with Armor from Pakistan try and cut Jammu from India. The Punjab border and Kashmir cease fire linewould beholding operation.

The IndianAir Forcecan cover the entire Pakistan and interdiction and strategic bombing would start. The targetswould bethe Rail lines and airfields.  Also army oil and arms storage dumps would need to be attacked.The main Indian strike would move into Pakistan, cutting Sind from Punjab. In a flanking operation the operational plan of the strike core will be to capture Hyderabad and Karachi. Sindhi nationalists from Pakistan are likely to welcome Indian arms. The Belches could also make life hard for the Pakistan army.

The odds for the success of such an operation are quite high. We should not forget that a similar plan led to victory in East Pakistan with the capture of Dacca. Pakistan will be handicapped as its air force will not be able to reach Indian targets and the Pakistan nation itself is besieged in NW Frontier tribal region. This is a brief arm chair battle and not be taken as theofficialplan of theIndian army, which could be something else.