Beauty Swap Secrets

We’ve all had those frustrating moments.  You’re late for work and realize you used up the hair gel or you ran out of shaving cream.  Maybe you ran out of mascara or shampoo.  Everyone has their own version of “beauty swaps”, where you can substitute one cosmetic for another.

Petroleum jelly can be used in any number of situations.   Vaseline can be swapped for hair gel, mascara, eye makeup remover or lip gloss.  To use as mascara, dip a cotton swab in the jar and then gently roll it over the eyelashes.  To use as eye makeup remover, dab on your lashes and under your eyes and wipe it off with a soft tissue. 

Baking soda is good to have in your cabinet.  You can use this as a dry shampoo, in case you’ve had your hair styled and don’t want to get it wet.  To use this method, sprinkle baking soda and talcum powder on a brush and then comb it through your hair.  It absorbs the oils in your hair without ruining the style.  Baking soda is also a good facial scrub.  Just wash your face with a baking soda and water solution to remove makeup and exfoliate your skin.

Toothpaste is great for beauty swaps.  Use toothpaste (the paste, not the gel type) as a nail cleaner.  Just wet a nail brush, apply the toothpaste and scrub on finger or toenails.  Toothpaste (not gel) also works to reduce blemishes.  The website advises to dab some on a cotton swab and apply to blemishes at night and wash off in the morning.

Baby oil is another cabinet favorite for beauty swaps.  In the winter, you can use baby oil instead of shaving cream or soap.  The benefit to this is extra moisturizing and softer skin.  Baby oil also works great as a makeup remover.

Did you ever think about how useful shampoo is?  You can swap shampoo for bubble bath, liquid hand soap and in some instances you can use it as a stain remover or as a detergent while traveling.  To clean combs and brushes, add a tablespoon of shampoo to a container of warm water. Soak brushes and combs for at least 10 minutes. This works because shampoo cuts through sebum oil which builds up from your scalp.

As you can see, you’re never far from a cheap, easy substitute for an essential cosmetic item.  These beauty swaps are easy to use and I hope you can benefit from them!