Bee Balm Facial Toner

With summer here our skin tends to be more oily and greasy looking and feeling. One of the best natural ways to get rid of the oily greasy skin is by making and using a homemade lemon lime bee balm facial toner. The homemade facial toner helps absorb and cleanse the oily greasy feeling away while balancing out the skins natural oils so your skin can look clean healthy and glowing.

The ingredients needed to make a lemon lime bee balm facial toner are 2 cups of boiling water, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 1 tablespoon of lime juice, and 3 teaspoons of dried bee balm leaves. These entire natural ingredients should be fresh and organic because they will be more potent and work better for controlling oily skin. These ingredients can be found at farmers markets, grocery stores, and herbal stores.

The reason bee balm is used in this homemade facial toner is because it contains tannis. Tannis helps balance out the natural oils in the skin while removing and controlling the bad ones. Lemon juice and lime juice contains high amounts of vitamin C which is why these ingredients are used. Vitamin C is essential for keeping the skin healthy, glowing, and clear. Vitamin C also helps keep the collagen under the skin plumped up so it can look younger and wrinkle free. The witch hazel in this toner is used because it is a natural astringent and it can cleanse the impurities, dirt, and oils out of the skin. Water is used in the toner to help hydrate, cleanse, and refresh the skin.

The way you would make the lemon lime bee balm facial toner for oily skin is fairly simple to make. The first step is taking the fresh bee balm leaves and placing them into the 2 cups of boiling water. Next the tea leaves will need to steep and sit on the counter until a golden tea is made. After the bee balm leaves need to be removed from the golden tea. Then the golden tea will need to be poured into a glass bottle once it is cooled. Then the witch hazel, lemon juice, and lime juice will need to be poured into the bottle as well. A funnel may be used to help making pouring easier. Once all the ingredients are in the bottle a cover can be placed over it and it can be giving a gentle shake to combine the ingredients together to form a lemon lime bee balm facial toner for oily skin. The toner will have a golden color and have a citrus floral scent to it.

The best way to use the lemon lime bee balm facial toner for oily skin is by pouring a little bit of it onto a cosmetic cotton pad. Then the cotton pad with the toner on it can be rubbed all over the face in a circular motion until all the oil and greasy has been wiped and cleansed away. After the skin will be oil and greasy free and feel very refreshed. Skin will also look glowing and bright and feel very soft and supple. This homemade facial toner should be used twice a day to control oily skin. If skin is super oily it can be used as many times throughout the day to help cleanse and refresh the skin.

The homemade lemon lime bee balm facial toner for oily skin is one of the best homemade facial toners that could ever be used for controlling oily skin. Skip the drugstore brands and naturally control oily skin with bee balm and citrus fruit.