Benefits of Almond Nuts For Health

1. Heart
In 100gr Nuts Almonds contain 22 grams of high protein, 248 mg of calcium, zinc and 3 mg of zinc. Medical examinations showed that almonds can lower the risk of heart disease and cancer.

2. Lowering Cholesterol
according to the American Heart Association More than 65 percent fat in 100 grams of almonds contains 51 grams of monounsaturated fat (MUFA) that are useful to reduce levels of “bad cholesterol” LDL (low density lipoprotein). instrumental in helping to lower cholesterol 10%, as effective as drugs.

3. Prevent Cancer.
The American Heart Association recommends that the contribution of energy from fat is not more than 30 percent, with details of 10 percent coming from saturated fat per cent, 10 monounsaturated (MUFA), and 10 percent polyunsaturated fat (PUFA). Research Dr Paul Davis of the University of California-Davis, indicates that the content of MUFA in almond potential to reduce the risk of colon cancer and Almonds also contain phytochemicals quercetin and kamferol anticancer

4. Beauty
Each tablespoon of almonds contains 12 g fiber / fiber, which is useful for anti-inflammatory, anti when menstrual cramps, and skin softener (Younger. Almonds are also rich in protein, which is very good for nails, skin and hair growth. Even in Chinese medicine , almonds are used as a tonic aphrodisiac because of its ability to accelerate blood circulation and maintain the stability of the heart.

5. Bone
In 100 grams of peanuts contains 275 mg of magnesium Almond, is a source of magnesium, which is useful for maintaining bone health and prevent osteoporasis. Even in Chinese medicine, almond is used as an aphrodisiac tonic because of its ability to accelerate blood circulation and maintain the stability of the heart.

6. Intelligence
Almonds are known as food for the brain and bones, because there are almonds in selenium, which is useful for the brain. Even In Ayurvedic medicine, almond is used to strengthen intuition, thereby increasing the intelligence and spiritual.

7. good for your diet Snack
It is clear that almonds contain fat. But from the few studies conducted, as reported in the Food Facts Suite101, if taken in proper dosage and regular, even help you lose weight. Fiber / fiber in beans almondlah that balances the number of calories available. Almonds also contain carbohydrates, so when we eat to feel satisfied in some time. But of course remain in certain portions, because it remains to snacks that contain plenty of fat.

8. Other Benefits
Beside rich in magnesium, almonds are also rich in niacin, thiamin, zinc, iron, folic acid, fiber, riboflavin, and potassium which can help reduce the acidity of the blood and activate the qi in the liver necrosis. In addition, it acts as a lubricant almond lung asthma, coughs and cure diseases, strengthen the nervous system and increase strength.