Benefits of Onion

They also differ in taste and size. The smaller the onions, the more pungent they are. They make your eyes water, when you cut them because the organic sulphur is released. To prevent tears, while cutting onions, either chill it half an hour before peeling or soak them in water for half an hour.

Onions should be stored at room temperature in a well ventilated area. It should be kept away from bright light to prevent roots from growing. Onions should not be put together with potatoes as they will absorb the moisture from potatoes and rot faster.

Onions have been used in various culinary dishes for thousands of years all around the world. The production of onion is steadily increasing and is the second most important horticulture crop after tomatoes. Onions can be eaten raw, cooked, dried, fried or roasted and they are most commonly used to flavor dips, soup, salad, stir fry and other dishes. Onions should be consumed but not in excess, otherwise it can lead to stomach distress and gastrointestinal irritation that may result in nausea and diarrhea.

Onion is a powerful anti-septic and a potent source of calcium, folic acid, chromium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and dietary fiber. Onions have been used since ancient times as a cure for many illnesses. During the World War II, the vapors of onion paste were used to accelerate the healing of wounded soldiers and reduce the pain.

This dynamite bulb has many medicinal properties

Onion contains high content of iron, which helps in the treatment of anemia.

Half of a medium sized raw onion, when eaten daily helps to lower the LDL cholesterol, correct thrombosis and prevent heart attacks.

Onions contain anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and gout.

Onions are very effective in the treatment of tuberculosis and infections of the urinary tract such as cystitis.

Onions either eaten raw or cooked helps to lower blood pressure naturally. It also aids in thinning the blood, dissolve blood clots and clear the blood of unhealthy fats.

Fructo-oligosaccharides present in onions stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the colon and also reduce the risk of tumors developing in the colon.

It also helps to relieve chronic constipation and flatulence.

Chromium present in onions helps to bring down the insulin level and improve glucose tolerance in diabetic patients.

Onion juice applied on scalp twice a week for two months will cause hair regrowth and this will definitely cost less than hair tonics available in the market.

The pungent taste of onion increases blood circulation and cause sweating. It also helps to fight against infection and reduce fever.

Onions contain a compound that prevents breaking down of bones. This is beneficial for those women who are at risk for osteoporosis as they go through menopause.

Onion juice is one of the best preventive potions against common cold and respiratory problem. Equal quantity of onion juice and honey taken 3 to 4 times in a day, helps to liquefy mucus and prevent its further formation.

White onion contains aphrodisiac, which is very effective in the treatment of sexual disability. One tablespoon of ginger juice mixed with one table spoon of onion juice, taken thrice in a day helps to boost the libido and sex drive.

To relieve from the burning sensation of urinary tract infection, boil one onion in one glass of water, and cook till the water is reduce to half. Strain the water. Let it cool and drink this water 3 to 4 times in a day.

Chinese use onions to treat angina, coughs, breathing problems and bacterial infections.

Chewing raw onions for two to three minutes kills all the germs present in the mouth area and thus helps to prevent tooth decay and oral infection.

Onion juice when mixed with honey and applied to the skin helps to keep the skin glowing and also treats acne.

To protect from insect bite or scorpion stings, apply fresh onion juice or paste to the body. To reduce the pain caused due to honey-bee bit, apply onion juice to it.