Best wallpapers on the web

There are tons and millions of websites on the internet that offer quality free wallpapers and they are increasing day by day. In this article I am going to review some of the best websites that you can find on the internet to pimp your desktop. These websites offer a variety of wallpapers in different categories and are some of the best free wallpaper sites that I have found so far. The categories include art, cars and bikes, 3d, abstract, comics, nature, games and many more. I know you will be able to find many other superb websites that offer free wallpapers but these are some of my personally favourite wallpaper sites:

(1) Socwall These is the best free wallpaper site that I have found so far. They offer tons of high resolution wallpapers. You can choose from different formats including standard, widescreen, dual monitor, all or random. They offer high quality wallpapers in different categories including anime, art, sci-fi, nature, sports, games, music and many more. You can also rate and comment on wallpapers if you want to. Overall it is a great website which offers some of the hottest and coolest wallpapers one can find on the web.

(2) Deviantart I am sure most of you have heard about this website. The website offers 50 million user created images and is updated daily. It is impossible that you will not find anything that you like on this website. Just type the keyword in the search box and there you go. There is an easy to use menu with tons of categories. You can register on this website and upload your own wallpapers. You can even sell your stuff on this site! So if you are a good artist then you can make some quick cash by selling your images.

(3) PixelgirlPresents Here is another great website that is worth visiting. This website collects the best wallpapers that can be found on the internet and offer them in one place. Wallpapers on this site can be browsed by different categories and resolutions. Overall it is a great website that is worth visiting. It also offers some fantastic iPhone wallpapers.

(4) Car Wallpapers This is a great car wallpaper site. It offers car wallpapers of more than 100 car brands. With a total of more than 10000 images this is defiantly a site to check.

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