Bible Reference Materials Guide

The following guide provides a number of different bible references which are great for personal study or for Sunday School preparation.

HowtoUseaBibleConcordance-main_Thumb.jpgBible Concordance

A Bible Concordance is a great resource for studying the bible. Many people do not believe in using certain reference materials such as commentaries because it is not the direct Word of God. A bible concordance is great because it only is a reference which helps you to locate verses within the bible. The following steps will help you to find verses related to a subject which you are studying.

HowtoUseanOnlineBible-main_Thumb.jpgOnline Bible

There are lots of online bible web sites. They all offer a pretty similar service. These can be great resources for doing bible study when you are not at home and do not have access to a bible with you. Many can even be accessed through your mobile phone. The following article will detail the major functionality of these online bible web sites so that you can make the best use of them.

HowtoGetaFreeBibleDownload-main_Thumb.jpFree Bible Download

A free Bible download is a great thing to have to put on your laptop, pda, or cell phone so that you have it anywhere you go regardless of if you have your actual Bible with you. The following article will detail the process of getting your free bible download.


Bible Dictionary

A Bible Dictionary is a great reference for studying the bible. It gives insight into a deeper meaning of things in the bible. The following article will identify how to use a bible dictionary during your study.

HowtoDownloadPrayingHandswithBibleCliparPraying Hands with Bible Clipart

We all have seen so many variations of the praying hands with bible clipart, but where can you get a royalty free copy of this picture? The following article gives different steps to get the praying hands with bible clipart in many different forms.