Born on a Cusp – Characteristics of those Born on the Cusp of Two Signs

The sun actually changes signs at an exact time and having a birth chart drawn up from the date and time of birth will give the best answer as to which is someone’s particular sun sign. Even so, for those born on the cusp, many will show a blend of energies of the sign the sun has just passed through and the one just beginning.

Aries/Taurus Birthdays from 19 April – 23 April

 An utterly determined nature; will work devoutly towards particular aims in life. However, when things don’t go as planned, impatience, stubbornness or annoyance could be the result. Generally, a practical approach to everyday affairs, though now and again actions may be the result of an impulsiveness which might seem a little out-of-character.

 Taurus/Gemini Birthdays from 19 May to 22 May

An ambitious, talented and imaginative personality with interests perhaps including art, music, social activity or travel. Interesting and intelligent in conversation indicating the ability to attract many friends, however, should take care not to be over impulsive when making serious commitments towards permanent relationships.

Gemini/Cancer Birthdays from 19 June – 23 June

An adaptable nature with many differing interests and abilities together with an active and curious mind which probably enjoys delving into such subjects as family trees and history. Although a little restless in nature, this person can brighten up family get-togethers. Emotional sensitivity may be prone to sudden ups and downs.

Cancer/Leo Birthdays from 19 July – 22 July

A creative individual with a determined nature which will probably derive immense joy when involved in projects shared with children or family. Kindness will be generously given and the fiery temper normally associated with Leo can be subdued by the water sign Cancer.

 Leo/Virgo Birthdays from 20 August – 23 August

An energetic, strong and tenacious personality. Will be capable of achieving successful results through ability for detail, good powers of judgement and willingness to give help to others. There may be an artistic or musical flair and an inclination towards out-door activities and travel.

 Virgo/Libra Birthdays from 20 September – 24 September

 Ruled by Mercury Virgo enjoys using their mind; they take a critical interest in anything that grabs their attention. Ruled by Venus, Librans are creative, fun loving and generally easy-going. Those born on this cusp are likely to have a serious and practical nature but they also know how to let go and enjoy themselves. There is a balance between caution and impetuosity. These people are able to apply detail to creative work.

 Libra/Scorpio Birthdays from 21 October – 24 October

A conscientious, positive and competitive personality together with a determination to succeed which supports the ability to accomplish many worthwhile achievements. An independent nature which dislikes interference from others no matter how meaningful the intention.

Ruled by Venus Libra seeks beauty and pleasure. This is a creative sign with a love of peace and harmony. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio has a strength to their character that can border on aggression. Those born on the cusp of these signs have the advantage of being able to find positive channels for their creativity. They will be good at initiating projects and seeing their endeavours through. In relationships those born on this cusp will be firm but gentle with it.

 Scorpio/Sagittarius Birthdays from 21 November – 24 November

 A responsible yet courageous and adventurous spirit which will find outlet in travel or in interests such as the occult and other related subjects. Strongly sensitive, though this will not always be outwardly apparent with remarkable powers of endurance.

Sagittarius/Capricorn Birthdays from 19 December – 22 December An intelligent and humorous conversationalist with a decisive if sometimes rather critical nature. A hard worker who is sure of his/her own opinions and who has the strength of character to overcome many frustrations and difficulties. Capricorn/Aquarius Birthdays from 18 January – 21 January Loyal, understanding and generous in all

relationships with the ability to show patience and sympathy towards other people. Innate kindness may find outlets in activities involving service to others. A perceptive and intuitive nature with artistic or musical leanings.

Aquarius/Pisces Birthdays from 17 February – 20 February

 A broadminded individual with a pleasant nature and a wealth of experience to share with others which probably attracts many friends. Interests may include science, religion or travel. Though not particularly rash, hasty decisions regarding love affairs should be best avoided.

. Pisces/Aries For those with birthdays from 19 March – 22 March

An individualistic and friendly nature which is fond of travel and adventure with the ability to introduce new and original ideas which may benefit affairs in life. Ambitious and unlikely to shy away from further learning or responsibility but may sometimes show impatience.