Brain-boosting medicines used by the students

<u>Brain-boosting medicines used by the students</u>

brotee mukhopadhyay

A Harvard University students states that he had the habit of taking the medicine Ritalin right from his first year in the high school.  A Florida University student used to take the drug Adderall during his student life and the drug helped him enhancing unimaginable level of concentration.

It is nothing new that the college or university students take medicines and drugs and they do it not for addiction always. In the good old days students depended on coffee and cigarettes for acquiring energy. But in the days of glorified competitions they are taught to touch the zenith and secure the position of the toppers everywhere. And incidentally they find assistance from the pharmaceutical world which enhances their performance capacity in many ways.

Some students, mainly in the USA, collect Ritalin on the eve of the examination and they charge themselves with this medicine. Ritalin is a drug for stimulation. It was made first in 1956. Physicians prescribe this for the children who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADRD).

Amphetamines are a century-old drug. Report of its misuse is available in plenty. Long-distance lorry drivers use this to enhance ability to wakefulness. Women also accept this with a target for a slimmer physique. This drug is prescribed for narcolepsy and ADRD. This is a stimulant medicine which provides energy and kills drowsiness.

Another drug for stimulation is Donezpezil and this drug raises the degree of alertness and concentration. This drug is taken by the aviation crews and defence personnel as their jobs require maximum attention and all-time preparedness always. But the physicians ask the patients of dementia to take this medicine.

Modafinil is another medicine prescribed for sleep disorder. Troops of the armed forces, commercial and helicopter pilots take this medicine.

Students are aware of the availability of these medicines. These are not sisters of LSD or cocaine. Students who are addicted to brown sugar will not look for Ritalin and such other stimulating drugs. Students want to perform exceptionally in the examinations and they want to work hard and they want to have a day of more than 24 hours. They want to scale a great height and the course is very hard and complex. They are relieved and they feel happy if they succeed in getting such drugs.

Scientists differ in opinion in respect of taking of these medicines by the students. Undoubtedly these medicines have side effects although they have been found to be beneficial by the students. This may be discussed on another occasion.