Breast Augmentation – Doctors Can Practice Surgery If They Are Not Board Certified?

Gasp! Is it true that any doctor can perform a breast enhancement surgery? Even a cardiologist or a pediatrician? Well, technically, yes.

Breast augmentation is more popular than ever and some people continue breast augmentation in San Francisco asked me questions on physicians other than surgeons can do. Patients sometimes come to me after a consultation with another doctor and they noticed that there is no board-certified plastic surgeons seem to offer breast augmentation, as well. So what gives?

Indeed Disclaimer: I’m biased because I am a certified plastic surgeon. However, this article explains why physicians in general, not just plastic surgeons can offer breast augmentation.

In the office of a doctor, Anything Goes

In a hospital, there are rules

Litmus Test – your doctor may perform a breast augmentation surgery in a hospital?

In the doctor’s office, Anything Goes

Legally, doctors can make the procedure they want in their offices. If you have a surgery center to the office, then they can do something in the middle of surgery.

This may sound strange, but in theory, although I am a plastic surgeon, I could do heart surgery, brain surgery or certain procedures in my office. Other doctors are no different and therefore not many plastic surgeons offering breast augmentation. Act trust of the physicians to use their own moral codes and training when they decide what procedures to offer.

In a hospital, there are rules

When it comes to hospitals, things are very different. Hospitals have strict guidelines on what doctors can and can not do within the hospital. A committee of the hospital is on the bottom of each physician education and training, and to determine what procedures the doctor feels is qualified to perform. A final list of approved procedures are created and called the doctor “privileges”.

For example, I have hospital privileges for breast augmentation

Breast augmentation in several hospitals in San Francisco and many other plastic surgery procedures. A doctor is the right to do so in a surgery center can not have hospital privileges to perform this procedure, and may never be able to obtain.

Trial by Fire – the doctor may perform this procedure in a hospital?

So what is the easiest way to cook everything, if you continue to breast in San Francisco? Ask your doctor if: 1) he or she can perform surgery in hospital, and 2) does not have hospital privileges? If so, then you are likely to work in a highly experienced surgeon who is more likely to board-certified plastic surgery.