Bribing your College student

It’s that time in life when your choice is to send that kid of yours to college.  You may be elated, you may dread it, but you have to face the truth.  Now, in todays world there is no better way to get a head start in life than to further your child’s education.  There are so many avenues, so many choices, so many promising futures that together you can select.  It is almost unendless, to apply for and get accepted to the college of choice is just one small hurdle in the higher educational journey. 

Since this is a new world of opportunity for your child, there are also more than enough distractions that will come their way.  Try to communicate with them about the hang out crowd, the partys, the late night outings in a realistic manner.  It may be possible to keep your student closer to home, or stay at their own home with you to help keep them on track.  To maintain focus and use good study techniques will help them get through the tough road ahead.  Maybe suggest that they start a study group in the classes where they are struggling to give them better insight of understanding. 

Help them maintain their goals, of what classes are needed and when they will schedule their time to take them.  Be actively interested in what their true interests are and try to focus their college major to incorporate these important facets of their personalities.  Start a goal reach date with each term end to evaluate what their weaknesses may be.  Once you have the planned goals, class schedule agenda, and date of graduation in mind then you can begin a plan of reward. 

In our work lives we are rewarded with monatary merit, bonuses, and salary raises.  Why should your students reward be any different than that of the real world?  Start before a term begins with an understood goal for grades.  For example if your student is taking sixteen credit hours in one term you may agree with them that you will reward them after the term.  Set a reasonable amount for what you can afford, and stick to the restraints  that you discuss.  If you state that you will pay for every 4.0 that they receive a certain amount be sure to follow up immediately so that the next term they will continue to progress towards excellence.  In the long run, you have to know that it is an investment in the future of your child’s wellbeing and career progression.  Habits that we learn while young are usually repeated as we age, so do the right thing by placing this good habit in their mind.