Bridal Outfits & Matching Wedding Décor for Spring 2013 Weddings

Fancy Baroque style tends to be ornate, grandiose, and bold, but a flirty and sexy style. Consider a white bodice princess-style wedding gown with a flirty ruffled skirt. Since glamorous texture is important in baroque, the wedding gown should be a combination of lace and satin. The bride should carry a white cylinder-shaped clutch with texture of either reptile skin design or velvet. Instead of a designer label, the bride has her monogram engraved somewhere on or inside this clutch. The white high-heel shoes also look fancy, made of lace and satin. Since her accent color is red, the accessories for the bridal outfit will be ruby, and her lipstick and nail polish are red. She wears a platinum ring with a huge ruby gem, surrounded by small diamonds, chandelier earrings in ruby, diamonds and gold, and a large collar necklace with ornate ruby, diamonds and gold design that makes a bold statement.  A large and gold crown or tiara, filled rubies and diamonds, completes that bridal outfit.  She also wears a red velvet garter. Therefore, the wedding reception table setting and décor will also include lots of gold, white lace, white satin, black or red velvet, and red roses. The accent on the chinaware and décor includes lots of red and gold, such as red-stained glass flutes and glassware. As a courtesy gift, a CD with opera music is given to each guest.

The Classic Blues style tends to be soft, calming, and dreamy. This bride prefers a simple white gown that fit her body form well. Texture for this white gown is a combination of silk with a sheer accent, and the top section is off-the-shoulder. Jewelry tends to have a blue gems, whether sapphire, aqua, or turquoise. Small and delicate jewelry includes tear drop earrings with sparkling blue and diamond gems, a ring filled with small blue gems, and en elegant light blue watch that looks more like a bracelet because of its cuff shape, but it has lots of little sparkling sapphire gems.  The high-heel, ankle-strap shoes is either white or light blue. Her nails are French manicure in a very pale blue shade. She carries a bouquet with blue flowers. Underneath her gown, she wears a light blue garter, decorated with little flowers, made from light blue ribbons. The table setting and décor in the wedding include blue-stained crystal glassware and champagne glasses. The chinaware has a delicate design in blue. The centerpiece on each table setting is a lovely light blue tray and a matching vase with blue flowers. As a courtesy gift, each person receives a small and light blue basket with a blue soap, blue potpourri, small perfume bottle, blue journal with the name of the guest engraved on the book, and a little blue pillow with the bride and groom’s names as well as wedding date embroidered on it.

The Barbie Wedding looks like a Cinderella-style wedding. The bride wears a tight-fitting, lacy white gown that has a fish tail, similar to a mermaid style gown. Her blush, lipstick and nail polish are a pale pink color. Her hairstyle is in a puffy updo, but decorated with a sparkling tiara. She wears big tear drop earrings with pink gems, a matching one-strand pink-gem necklace, and a gold band ring with sparkling pink gems. Accessories include light pink sandals with straps and high heels, satin purse in a matching light pink color, and light pink underwear and bra. The table setting for the reception includes pale pink chinaware, pink-stained glassware, and pink floral arrangement centerpiece.  As a courtesy gift, female guests each receive a mini jewelry box with a pink headband, decorated with pink fake flowers, feathers and pink gems as well as a pink robe in a light fabric, while male guests each receive a small cigar box with a pink cufflinks and a cigar.

Bohemian Chic style has a flomo design. The wedding gown has a vintage style, in a soft yellow-stained, off-white or ivory color, but it also has a soft watercolor-style floral design. This gown is loose and flowing in a sheer fabric that a pale yellow camisole and tutu-style long slip skirt are worn underneath the gown. Over the gown, a pale yellow lacy jacket is worn as a sheer cover-up. Sheer layers are the style of this wedding gown. The bride wears a floral headpiece, a colorful ring with multi-colored gems, pale yellow strappy sandals, long feather earrings with sparkling gems, and long, satin, and pale yellow gloves. She carries a colorful wildflower bouquet as well as a pale yellow envelope clutch decorated with pale yellow pedals, gems, and crystals. The table setting for the reception includes vintage chinaware decorated with a colorful picture of flowers, butterflies, birds and bees. The centerpiece is a vase with a very detailed ivy design and a long white candle inside. The glassware on the table matches the design of this vase. As a courtesy gift, each guest receives a candle cup that has a floral design as well as the name of the bride and groom on it. Incense also decorates the tables.