Brighten Your Day by Complimenting Someone Else

It seems rather ironic that giving someone else a compliment rather than receiving one can brighten your day.  Compliments are powerful relationship building tools and when you offer a compliment, you’re connecting with that person.  The idea is so simple we often miss it.

Offering genuine compliments boost the moral of the people around you.  For a few minutes at least, they are focused on something positive rather than the negative.  It may not have a lasting affect, and sometimes it has no affect at all.  Sometimes a grouch is just a grouch and nothing will penetrate their hardened exterior.  Compliment them anyway.  It took awhile, but the Grinch and Scrooge finally figured out the true meaning of Christmas.

Even if it doesn’t have an impact on the person you compliment, it will have an impact on you.  To offer a compliment, you have to focus on what you like rather than on what irritates you.  You may realize that Ms Grumpy is not really grumpy but painfully shy.  Maybe she doesn’t want to offer friendship out of fear of rejection.  Is she intimidated by you?  Maybe you’re the one coming off as the office grump and it’s easier to get through the day by avoiding you.

Think about it.  How often do you compliment someone in a given day?  Once?  Twice?  None!  Are you afraid that if you compliment your son he’ll get a big head?  What if you compliment the project a fellow employee is working on and then it is later rejected by the boss?  Will it make you look like a fool? 

If your compliments are genuine, stand by what you believe.  If you know Suzy’s project will get rejected if submitted ‘as is’, point out what you like and make suggestion for improvement.  If you know your suggestions will be rejected, only compliment what you like.  If you don’t like the picture but you like the frame…  “You picked out a nice frame.  It’s very ornate.”  Don’t offer an opinion on the picture.

Try slipping a few compliments into your daily repartee.  Try it for a day, a week, or even a month.  See if it makes a difference in the moral of the people around you, and in your own outlook on life.  You will be pleasantly surprised.