Bullying And Getting Help

In todays society there are many problems,but the one I would like to talk to you about today is Bullying.Now this is a problem that has been going on for years,yet we are know closer to fixing it now then we were then.Every time you turn around there is a story in the news about a suicide that happen because of bullying.Wether it is cyber bullying or physical or even mental bullying the bottom line is that it is WRONG!!! We have to protect our children from this kind of nonsense.

So the question is are we doing enough to prevent this and the answer is NO!!We need to put stiffer consquences in place to the people who are doing the bullying.Nobody should ever feel like taking there own life because they are scared to be teased at school,but that is exactly what is happening.Parents of bullied children have found suicide boxes hidden in there rooms and most of the time are to scared to tell there parents what is going on.They are scared that there parents will just make the situation worse.This is very unfortunate,we need to stay in our childrens lives and know what is going on in there lives.We need the schools to start expelling the bullies and putting zero tolerance policies in place.Maybe go as far as involing local police.This is time for all parents,teachers,local officials to start making this a priority,it must be Stopped!!Parents talk to your children ask them what is going on at school,because alot of parents dont even know that there children are being bullied.The only way to find out is to ask them,and they might tell you they are not but really are.They might be scared to tell you because they think you going to the school will make it worse,which is very possible you might make it worse.You have to start somewhere though, maybe sit down with your child and ask them how they would like you to help with the problem.You should not have to pull your child out of school because they are to scared to go,they deserve to be there as much as anybody else.I think parents play the most important role in this situation,because it starts with them helping there child and taking the proper steps to get something done.If its the bullied or the bullying parents it doesnt matter they need to step into there childs life and help solve the problem.So if we all start paying more attention to this subject and make a big deal out of it then they wont be able to turn a blind eye to it,and they will be forced to make changes.Lets not wait till more children are so scared that they feel like they have to take there own lives.We dont want it to be to late, After all what if it was your Child?Then would you do something about it?I’m sure you would.

If we all pull together we can make a difference and make the world a better place to live for everyone.