Bunco Party – how to have a successful one!

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have at least 8 people who are interested in playing a monthly game. You should also have a couple people that you could consider as subs. They don’t want to fully commit to a monthly game, but they’ll play if someone is sick or unavailable. Next, they must agree to paying $5 each time there is a monthly game. This $5 ($40 when collected from everyone) covers the price of the gifts. Finally, everyone must agree that the hosting duties for each monthly Bunco party will be shared. You’ll be able to switch if need be, but when kept on a regular schedule you’ll only have to host a party every 8 months. Not too bad!

So if it is your turn to host the party, it is also your job to buy the presents. On the first prize you’ll spend $25. On the second prize you’ll spend $10. On the third prize you’ll spend $5. A lot of people would really just enjoy getting 25 dollars in the form of a gift card they can use for gas or groceries rather than an expensive candle or lotion. When you are the host/hostess it is your responsibility to make the snacks. It is important to have delicious treats that are indulgent … but also respect people who are on diets or eat in a healthier manner. A vegetable tray is super easy, and if you’re not in the mood to make one they come premade at most grocery stores for an affordable price. It isn’t really appropriate to ask the guests to bring dishes with them because when it is their turn to be the host they’ll be responsible for all the food. If you start out by making it ok for guests to bring food, then it just sets you up having to do so every time there is a Bunco party … and that is annoying.

You should also have some alcoholic beverages for the people who enjoy them, but have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks for those people don’t drink. Basically just do your best to make everyone feel comfortable at your home. If they don’t like animals, maybe you could put the cat away in a bedroom with their food and litter box for a few hours. The cat won’t mind … and it will show your guests that you care about their comfort. Have a great time … and remember one of the benefits of hosting a Bunco party is that you’ll have tons of great leftovers and you’ll enjoy that “spotless house” phenomenon that always happens after you host a party! Happy Bunco playing!