Buying a Men’s Bicycle – Easy or Not

            This question may sound simple but it is not that easy to buy a men’s bicycle. To make the best decision you must follow few easy steps.

            The first step is to define what your requirements and needs are. You must choose a type of cycling that will best fit your goals. Different types of cycling require the usage of different components and features. The distance that you want to travel is a thing to consider. The cycling is not that easy process and the different types of cycling have created one very big market. After defining all your goals and needs you will be able to point your search in the right direction.

            The second step is to look for the best prices there are on the market. There are numerous sources either online or the local market. Online is the fastest and the most comfortable way and you may avoid many discomforts like long lines and traffic jams. Despite that the pictures on the net may be untrue sometimes and you may get stuck with a bike that you don’t like or doesn’t fit your purposes. Except that, there are a couple of other benefits of shopping from your local bike store. You will be able to test drive different bikes and find the most suitable for you and there are no shipping taxes involved.

            The third step is to find your style of cycling. Different styles require different bikes and features. For lengthy distances and road cycling you should try a road bike. The weight here doesn’t matter so much so you may find bikes with steel frames and lightweight with aluminum frames and the speeds range from 24 to 36.

            Front-suspension mountain bikes are good for even or a little rocky areas. They do not need that much maintenance and are most preferable for dirt jumping. These bikes are less bulky and they must be lighter than all-terrain bikes.

            If you search for a more extreme and rugged cycling then you need a full-suspension mountain bike. These bikes are ideal for up steep inclines on rocky terrain and at mostly off-road adventures. They use strong frames and wider, lower tires.

            A kind of a compromise between the two purposes is the hybrid bake. You may receive best performance from a hybrid bike at roads and level dirt. This kind of bikes are perfect for moderate lengths and they have large frames and narrow tires. Everything about these bikes is moderate and that includes the price also.

            Another type of cycle is the comfort bike. They are mostly used for everyday rides on roads or level dirt. These bikes are not that expensive but the range of speeds isn’t big and it has around 18 speeds.

            Therefore, before buying a men’s bicycle you must know that the crossbar on the men’s bicycle is vertical and on the women’s bicycle, the crossbar is slanted downwards.

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