Buying Tips For Air Compressor

Air Compressor Buying Tips

Compressed air is a very important commodity and is used extensively in various aspects of industrial manufacturing, commercial applications and medicine. A portable air compressor unit efficiently compresses air which can then be used for commercial uses like spray painting, stapling and nailing machines and other pneumatic tools. A portable air compressor has a better advantage over stationary compressors because of its flexibility. You may have indoor or outdoor requirements and a portable air compressor serves just the right purpose from camp site construction to blowing up inflatable beach mattresses.

What is an air compressor?

An air compressor is a device which can use power to pack a large amount of air in a chamber. This packed air can then be released with the creation of force which is used for a variety of applications. A portable air compressor works on the same principle. It can be used for light duty applications and is generally a great household tool. Since portable air compressors are smaller and lighter than their industrial fixed counterparts, they emit less noise and pollution. It is very useful for application in enclosed spaces or environments like hospitals and offices.

Types of Air compressors

Air compressors are classified in many ways. One way is to look at the number of stages it has. There can be a one stage compressor. Most portable air compressors are of one stage. They are meant for light duty uses. The other type is the two stage compressors. The two stage compressors are generally the heavy duty machines which are used in industries and commercial establishments.

Air compressors can also be classified according to the type of fuel they use. Portable air compressors are better in this regard because they can run on portable fuels like petrol and diesel. You also get the flexibility of running on electricity when such a source is nearby. Additionally, many manufacturers now have portable air compressors which run on natural gas. These types of portable air compressors are the best since they emit the least amount of noise as well as contribute sparingly to air pollution.

Some aspects to be careful about when buying or using a portable air compressor:

1) Make sure that your selection of a portable air compressor is based upon certification by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

2) Ensure that your portable air compressor has a safety release valve.