Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty series is one that holds a special place in my heart. I have always been very fond of video games of all genres, and this was no exception. However, the fantastic multiplayer, great story, amazing gameplay and the duo Modern Warfare is not what I’m attracting so many of them. Several times in the history of gaming is a company made a product that not only provide an incredible gaming experience, but real life promoting ideals and mindsets. Despite the main story focal point is primarily aimed at characters like soap, Captain Price, and their motley crew, the American experience before Modern Warfare is nothing if not a patriotic one. It gives the civilians as a certain level of respect for our great armed nation’s service members. As a former Marine, playing the first Modern Warfare game amazed me, it’s shocking how they got the identity of most America’s brave fighting men. Infinity Ward not only gave the Marine Corps the respect it deserved, but they gave service members a feeling of value.

Modern Warfare 2 is done the same exact thing in the United States Army Modern Warfare is the Marine Corps. Right off the bat, story tosses you in the shoes of a Private in the Army, ready to run his turn by “The Pit.” The battle immediately ensues, and then selected by General Shepherd for a special assignment in his task force, you move in, and take control of a gentleman by the name of Roach, fighting under the command of Captain MacTavish (Sound familiar?) for the very same task force. Throughout the game, the story 2 eyes slowly together, even when you’re in control of a soldier, it’s usually a different one from before. You progress through the game, battle fronts around the world, and yes, even in America. The storyline is not very realistic, but it is very satisfying. Not too often a first person shooter feeling you get involved with her character, but Infinity Ward failed to disappoint. Still, the score will be dropped, both because it is a little on the short side, and this number does not seem extremely likely that Russia will invade America (and win) in search of an American body at the site of a massacre at an airport.

Well, there it is my common musical score, because as per usual, nothing special about music in this game. It gets dramatic in the right spot, sure, but nothing is really tickle your fancy either. While this is not exactly the main point of a game, a good soundtrack can really reach out and grab you if the developers put the effort into it. The car scene played alone in the Dark and you know what I mean. Music can not be the most important part of a game, but it is not trying to make it good, either, very little effort is needed to produce a quality soundtrack.

The gameplay is very similar to that of the original Modern Warfare game, and all previous Call of Duty game for that matter. There is an option that storyline, a split screen multiplayer, and very good Xbox Live gaming. The only thing different is the “little extra” that this game has. After World War and was released, with their signature “Nazi Zombies” game mode, Infinity Ward has decided to create a second mode gameplay of their very own. During World War with zombies, Modern Warfare 2 has a mode known as “Spec Ops.” The second mode is a series of about two dozen missions to be undertaken solo or in co-op with a friend online. There are 2 downsides to Spec Ops mode, however. First, with little exception, it is almost just a repeat of the mission of the campaign from both games Modern Warfare, with a few tweaks to change it for the co-op gameplay. Second is that once you make all the Spec Ops missions, there is very little left to do with them. Because Nazi Zombies is a never-ending struggle to survive, and can be played endlessly with varied results, Spec Ops is essentially done when you successfully beat all missions on veteran difficulty. Other than that, the only real problem with the gameplay of Modern Warfare 2 is that it is heavily focused on the player’s Xbox Live. If you do not have Xbox Live, or at the very least 2 Xbox 360 and 2 copies of the game to play 4 player system link, this game loses its appeal quickly. Campaign mode can make fast, even on veteran difficulty, you can spec Ops mode, and once you’ve done that, all you can do is play split screen, which also loses appeal quickly. So, for all its glory and innovations, Modern Warfare 2 is reasonably flawed in its overall layout. Doing good work, Infinity Ward, but there are a few tips you can take from the game Treyarch about keeping a good, no matter how long you play it.

The graphics are as good as usual with the Modern Warfare 2. The details are fantastic, and it does not sacrifice gameplay or smooth transitions to make it. If you are getting ready to assault the white house, or seeing the Earth from space itself, the graphics are just plain remarkable.

The controls are the same as they are always in a Call of duty game. Normally, it is not a good thing, but for Modern Warfare 2, it is excellent. The control layout for the game was flawless, after all. Why improve on perfection? You can customize the control stick sensitivity to almost any level you desire. The purpose L-, R-shoot combination is great, and other games are starting to pick up on that, although Bungie is still lagging behind. I hate clicking the thumbstick to zoom … drive me nuts. Anyways, the grenade buttons are in a good area as well. All of your offensive capabilities are within reach of your index finger. Crouching and going prone can be done by jumping up and down with A and B buttons, and your weapon options can be toggled with the X and Y buttons, making the control scheme of my favorite out of any real game that has ever made.

Infinity Ward, you really outdone yourself this time. The multiplayer in this game is exceptional. The matchmaking problem is minimal, even a slow connection speed you can get decent games, and exploitation is at a minimum. Class is doing better than ever, and even possible to split screen, which is a very welcome change. Xbox Live multiplayer is in its best here, though the single player and split screen aspect of the Modern Warfare 2 is sacrificed as a result. This game is truly a paradise Xbox Live action and excitement, but those of us who do not have the luxury of Xbox Live are missing out. Split screen gameplay is decent, but limited, and the single player segment is 20 hours of gameplay total at most. To make a long story short, if you have Xbox Live, you are missing out on what this game offers.

The replay value is, in fact, nonexistent. When broken the solo campaign on veteran difficulty, there’s not much left to do. However, the amount of time you spend playing this game is fantastic. So long as you have an Xbox 360, a Gold Xbox Live account, a controller and a copy of Modern Warfare 2, you have a great time on your hands. A rare round of Search and Destroy sound boring and the online co-op Spec Ops a possibility, there’s always something to do with this game.

Infinity Ward has done a great job here today. Modern Warfare 2 is a masterpiece, and while it has its flaws, like any game, I have no doubt that it is played avidly by both patriots and first person shooter enthusiasts alike for a long time coming.