Call Of Duty: World At War InvisibleMan!

This is the first in a series of games that TaKeOver a prominent Wii clan love to play! HOWEVER! You can do this on any system not just the Wii. The first thing you need if a voice chat, built in for all systems except the Wii, yes that is upsetting but we will survive. Now gather 4 people you know are up for some Call of Duty 5 Laughing Out Loud moments! Once you have your 4 people make sure you are diciplined or you will fail! All of you must change your name to something to the effect of “Youcantfindme”. We would appreciate InvisibleMan being ours but there are many variations or names to choose from! It looks much cooler if you all have it spelt the exact same way.

The object of this game is to do a glitch at the start of the game and end the game with 50-0 or so. You get the kills on your side by placing betties before you glitch. Your opponents do some really funny things when they can’t find you and their getting killed by betties. The type and difficulty of the glitch you do depends on your members, if you can do a private match and perfect one of the more challenging glitches then it is best. However if you cannot their are simple ones such as jumping through windows the the like that most people can do first try! Your in the glitch it gets boring. You want to go out and shoot! DON’T! Wait for 3 seconds left in the match it always seems around this point you will see teamkilling out the wazoo. (This game is much more fun in hardcore TDM) A perfect game ends with no one on your team dying!

What type of perks and weapons should you use you ask? We at TaKeOver prefer a supressed Thompson with betties (you need betties) Camouflage and second chance just in case! This class leaves you safe just in case someone makes a mistake and the enemy somehow gets  recon, not to mention you will always have one stupid person who will fire a shot. There is one last thing you shouldn’t do, which is thrw a gas or smoke while your hiding, we did that once, about 30 seconds later all we hear is someone scream ZOOKA! Then schzooshhhh. Quadruple kill, that game was a bit of a fail! No gasing haha!

I would suggest not trying this game on Dome, Courtyard or Asylum, they have very good hiding spots but only enough for 1-2 people each. To not be found for 10 minutes you need to use a map like cliffside or upheaval! I will not tell you where we do it as to not ruin the fun but you can use your own spots! Ones with the ability to see a good part of the map will increase the LOL factor by approximatly 10x!

I hope this was helpful and that you get a chance to pull InvisibleMan with some friends and have fun!