Carbs Simplified

Simple carbs are found in foods like soda pop, candy, fruit, milk or table sugar.

They are called simple carbohydrates because they have a simple molecular structure that your body can break down quickly and easily into sugar that is then burned for energy. Because simple carbs aren’t much work to break down- they enter your body as a ready energy source. Too much sugar entering the blood stream all at once causes a sugar high. The high amount of sugar that’s suddenly available triggers an overproduction of insulin. Insulin is produced to neutralize the sugar. Your body uses up the simple carbs almost as quickly as they enter your digestive system. Now there’s too much insulin in your blood still working to neutralize sugar, this drops your blood sugar down below normal causing a sugar crash.

Not all simple carbs are bad for you. Natural, unprocessed sources such as fruit and honey contain enzymes that help the body digest the carbs. With carbs like table sugar the body has to rely on its own enzymes.

Complex carbs are found in foods like potatoes, rice, pasta and legumes.

These carbs have a more complex molecular structure so your digestive system has to work longer and harder at breaking them down to use as energy. Complex carbs are gradually and consistently broken down into sugar to be released into the body as an energy source. The sugar does not create a spike in your insulin because the body is not overwhelmed with a large amount all at once, the consitent release makes complex cars perfect for a long-term energy source.

Complex Carbohydrates should be a regular part of a healthy diet. A baked potatoe or pasta can be a great source of energy that will last over a few hours.

Carbohydrates are the best source of energy for your body. Making the right choices and including unprocessed simple carbs (fruit) and complex carbs in your diet can give you more energy that you need to lose weight or maintain a healthy body.