Carpal Tunnel Support

The nerve can be compressed by edema or fibrosis tissue surrounding the carpal ligament.
For these causes, a carpal tunnel support for the hand is necessary.
This carpal tunnel support for the hand includes thin material that is breathable, very strong and non-allergenic.
The causes of the carpal tunnel syndrome can be many, namely:
    * Traumas
    * Professional Grounds:
          * violin singing
          * Prolonged use of a computer mouse, etc.
    * Rheumatoid Arthritis
    * Acromegaly
    * Amyloidosis
    * Myxedema
    * Diabetes
    * Raynaud disease
    * Tenosynovitis (inflammation of a tendon sheath)
    * A bone deformed by an old fracture
    * Arthritis at this level
    * A possible tumor
A major feature is that the carpal tunnel is not extensible, the parties surrounding not allowing that. Therefore any inflammatory process or other measures developed at the channel, reaching the median nerve to gather, compress it and give it symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is encountered frequently in women during pregnancy and menopause, but may also occur in the situation. This is why it’s best that people suffering from this disease to wear a carpal tunnel support for the hand, recommended by the doctor.
 What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome?
    * Paresthesia (numbness) in the first three fingers of the hand – if not properly treated, paralysis can occur
    * Pain in the same area (the first three fingers) – the symptoms get worse at night
    * Disorders of sensibility in the median nerve territory
    * Reduction of muscle strength
    * Atrophy of the muscles
    * Swelling (swelling) of that area.
How to treat the carpal tunnel syndrome?
Treatment of this condition is very important because if the intervention is not timely and properly, it can lead to paralysis.
At the present time, doctors advice anyone with this syndrome to use a carpal tunnel support for the hand, in order to support the injured part. This support can be used under gloves and will make you forget about the injury. This support can prevent doing repetitive movements to make the injury worse.
Very important: the results of the treatment depend on the type of lesion causing the carpal tunnel syndrome and especially how fast it occurs. If the disease is old, the chances to fix the disease quickly and well fail noticeable. If you wait too long, if treatment is not given for the affection, it can lead to surgery for median nerve release.