Carrot – Poor man’s apple

Carrot eaten as a vegetable, was first cultivated in Afghanistan, a country in south-western Asia, between Iran and Pakistan. It is a member of the Parsley family.Parsley is .a plant with small, often curly, green leaves that are used to flavour and decorate food. Carrot spread in the direction of the West through Europe. By the 15th century carrot was called ‘Gajar’. Worldwide it is liked by all age groups.

Carrot is rightly called “poor man’s apple” because its nutritive value is not lower compared to apple. Carrot maintains a state of equal balance between alkaline and acidic influences in the body. Carrot juice is sometimes called a miracle juice. Peopie suffering from various ailments have found that the inclusion of carrot juice in their diets has greatly improved their health.

Carrot juice is one of the richest sources of vitamin E. Carrot’s root contains sugar, salt, starch, carotene, malic acid and enough quantity of iron. Uke apple carrot is said to be a heart tonic. It is used in raw form, in vegetable form and is also blended with other vegetables. It is an essential ingredient of salad, used in juice, sweets, raita, kheer, in the form of sherbet, etc.,

Carrot juice is considered an ideal method to keep glucose and diabetes level under control. Add -equal quantity of bitter gourd juice (karela) to carrot juice and take the mixture in the morning. For asthma add 100 ml of spinach juice to 200 ml of carrot juice. Take this mixture thrice a day. It should be continued .for at least 3 months to derive maximum benefit. Deficiency of vitamin A can be set right by consuming 500 gms of fresh carrot in salad form or in juice form twice a day.

Carrot is a store-house of vitamin A. If eyes are washed with water in which carrots have been boiled, it will relieve and relax strain on them. Take out 300 ml of juice from carrots and add 300 ml of lettuce juice to it. It will help to shed out extra fat from the body.