Catching a Valentine

Looking for that special Valentine or already got one picked out? If you have your eye on that special someone, but they don’t seem to be looking your way, this is the perfect time to say hello.

 Don’t stalk. Saying hello when someone is telling you goodbye is stalking. What we are referring to here is simply taking the time to test the waters. That special someone may have had their eye on you but don’t want to be the one to take the first step. They may have seen you out of the corner of their eye but where too shy to say hello. You never know unless you actually take the time to find out.

 Sending a Valentine to a friend is out of line. Many select Valentines for family and friends for this special day each year. The greeting card industry has taken the time to make Valentines for all sorts of family and friends. You can select one that is even appropriate for your grandmother. Select one for your friend.

 It may be the special someone that you innocently chat with at the pharmacy, grocery store or karate class. Take the first step and see what happens. You may be reciprocated or you may have simply given a card to an acquaintance. Either way it turns out. No hurt feelings or awkward chance meeting in the future between you and your friend.

 If your feelings are reciprocated, you took a step forward to a possible romance or more. Many people that are married can tell you that they were shy or felt they needed a little courage to take that first step forward. Once the step was taken, they were able to take the next step forward, then the next and the next until finally they were either a match made in heaven or they determined that the dream was larger than the reality

 Remember, what once started out as a seed grew into a plant. You never know what tomorrow may bring. It may bring sunshine or it may bring rain.

 Give that someone that you have been thinking of a Valentine. You will either move on with your life or you move to dinner and a movie.