Causes, How to Handle And Prevent Breast Cancer

In the body there are many millions of cells. One of them, abnormal cells or cell 

metaplasia is a change, but within normal limits. However, if the cell is 

influenced by other factors then it would be a cell dysplasia, the cells become 

abnormal and confined in the epithelial layer (the layer covering the exposed 

surface and form glands). Dysplasia cells will develop into cancer due to various 

factors that affect the period of 10-15 years. All people have these cells. Breast 

cancer is one form of cell or tissue growth in and ddak serkendali the breast. In 

Indonesia, breast cancer is the second most common tumor of which 10 occurred in 

women, after cervical cancer.

A. Types and Causes

Other conditions such as cancer cells of breast cancer in a phase of divided light 

to heavy or known by the Stage 1 to 4. Its location was scattered throughout the 

breast. Factors that serve as triggers for breast cancer is not known with 

certainty. One of them is a factor or hereditary talent. However, it is also not 

certain if there are no other factors that support, such as eating too many fatty 

foods, medicines nongandung estrogen and carcinogen (the synthesis of dyes and 


Carefully check your breasts regularly!

B. Beware What You Need?

The presence of wild cell growth in the breast is almost no symptoms. No pain at 

all in the area of ​​growth. However, if the cells are quite many in number and 

began to spread to other body parts of the wider it will show some changes in the 

area around the breast. Here are some of the symptoms of breast cancer:

– Get out of blood or other fluids,

– Swelling of the nipple,

– There is a change form and swelling in the breast tartantu.

– There is a solid lump, hard, painless when pressed does not move out of place, 

and felt only on one breast around the armpits,

– There is a black area around the breast (areola) which berkeruk doubled or 


If there is a lump that was diagnosed with cancer so be wary. Apply first 

treatment before it spreads more widely in the surrounding organs or organ.

C. How to Handle and Prevent?

– Do a breast self-examination (BSE)

– Can be done since the age of 20, one week after menstruation.

– Make periodic checks by a doctor.

– Dilakultan every 2-3 years at age 20-40 years and every year after age 40 years.

– Mammography. Conducted every 1-2 years at age 40-49 years and every year after 

age 50 years.

– Avoid or reduce the triggers of abnormal cells that grow out of control such as, 

stress, smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and drugs.

Lump in the breast can be detected with the help of ultrasound and mammography. 

These symptoms can be diagnosed with a biopsy (tissue partial pangambilan) for 

examination of pathology (anatomic pathology). Until recently breast cancer can 

not be handled by tuntas.Namun some breast cancer cases can be handled quite well 

if detected at an early stage.

There are three main ways of treatment of breast cancer, yaknu surgery, radiation 

and chemotherapy. This treatment is given according to disease stage or condition 

of the cells. However, treatment is a combination of these therapies. If done at 

an early stage, the healing can reach 90-100% with combined therapy.