Ccleaner (software review)

Piriform Limited is a privately own Software company based in London and provides PC utility programs to the users. They launched the program CCleaner for PC users who uses Microsoft windows in their system. Basically CCleaner is a freeware (that means no payment required to use this software) but they accept any amount of donation. These donations can be made via Pay-Pal.

CCleaner helps to clean the unnecessary information and data stored in PC. Especially when we use Internet, usually browsers tend to save some temporary data, pictures and information in a temp file and it slows the speed of our PC. So CCleaner helps to clean these files and speed up our system. It is really useful and necessary software for everyday PC users. This software performs some other important tasks as well such as it helps to clear all the unwanted registry entry from our PC and keeps it clean and faster. We can easily download CCleaner software from their website. Then we can install it in our system. It supports all types of Microsoft windows operating system such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. After finishing the installation, you can keep the installer file in your system as back up.

This software is really easy to navigate and use. There are four tabs in the left hand side. They are cleaner, registry, tools and options. When you click on ‘Cleaner’ button, you will see two buttons (right hand side of cleaner tab) on top such as Windows and applications. When you click on windows you will see all the programs comes with your operating system as for example Internet explorer, windows explorer etc. Under these, you will find lots of options and you need to tick on desired options to clean the unwanted files from them. On the other side, the applications contain options for cleaning the installed browsers in your PC. After selecting all your required options, then you need to click on analyze button. Then it will analyze your PC and let you know the amount of unwanted and unnecessary files and all the temp files in your system. After that you have to click the Run Cleaner Button to clean all these files. It is really easy to use and light software. It does not require high specifications in your PC to operate.

Similarly, in the Registry button, you can clean the registry of the system such as missing DLLs, unwanted file extensions, obsolete software etc. It will immediately speed up our system and help us to work better.I think CCleaner is really helpful and essential software for a PC. It helped me significantly to clean up my computer. It can clean all the stored data and information from my computer regardless whatever browser I use. It cleans all of them and helps those browsers to perform better and faster. It also has the option to delete/uninstall any unwanted installed software in your system. It also helps the user to select the start-up programs (similar to msconfig option).

All in all, I am really impressed with this software. It helps me to keep my computer clean and have a better processing speed. It also helps me to clean up the unneeded registry entries from my system. So, if you have not used this software yet, please go and download it. I can assure you that, it will certainly make your system runs faster and clean all the unwanted data and entries from your system. I am really happy and satisfied using this software, so it is highly recommended.

Thank you very much for reading my review.


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