CCM Vector 10 Hockey Stick Review

This is my first review for Bukisa, and it’s on the Vector 10 hockey stick by CCM (obviously). I purchased it about a month ago, and since I only get a chance to use it once a week in the pick-up league I play on, I’ve now had a bit of time to get it worn in. Another first for me when I bought this stick was the fact that I have never used a composite stick before. I’ve played street hockey since I was 3, and all I’ve used were aluminum and wood. I have to say, I’m never going back to either.

The first thing you’ll notice when you pick up a Vector 10 is how light weight it is. Yes, it’s a composite, I know it’s suppose to be light. But I really can’t tell you how effective this is when playing. It’s so easy to wind up for a slapshot, and of course it makes stick handling so much easier. Another thing you can pick up right away is the grip. The entire shaft of the stick is coated with a substance that isn’t sticky, but manages to prevent the sliding of your hands, gloved or not. It’s really great, and useful when somebody is trying to slash your stick out of your hand.

The flex on the stick feels great and natural. The accuracy that I’ve achieved is simply phenominal, and I’ve never had a slap shot as hard, or more dead-on, than with this stick. I really can’t see myself ever going back to a wood stick again. I’ve heard that these break easier, but this stick is very durable. No problems with it so far except for a tiny chip on the top of the blade, but it hasn’t affected my performance. I play on indoor tile, and this stick is perfect.

Overall, this is easily the best stick I have ever used. I got it from a discount at Hockey Giant, from $220 down to $80, so hopefully you can find a similar deal.