Chargers Will Win Sunday Night vs. Broncos

OK, ladies and gents, it’s time to get ready to scream and yell to all hell as our San Diego Chargers prepare for a tough battle against AFC West rivals, The Denver Broncos. Charger fans, one and all, get ready to scream your loudest screams, pushing the decibel level high enough to burst Jay Cutler’s and the rest of the Broncos offense’s eardrums. Lets make it so friggin unbearable for those ninnies that they wet themselves.

Bo Jack is back on full unmitigated attack, ready to lay the Broncos on their back, not give them any slack, and push them until they finally crack; for on offense they don’t lack, but we’ll get Cutler with the sack.

So it all comes down to this, friends and fans, the Bolt’s must have all of you backing and screaming for them, let them know who we are, we are San Diego, America’s finest city, and we’ve waited far, far too long to get a ring.

In this game, our quarterback of destiny, my boy Philip Rivers, will top San Diego’s favorite son, my childhood hero, Mr. Daniel Francis Fouts on the all time list of touchdowns in a season, by a San Diego Charger quarterback, a record that now stands at Thirty three(33),no easy task.

This is our time people, I can feel it in my veins, Karma and things are about to go our way, so just believe. You all know we have talent unmatched in the NFL,LT is looking like his old self, the defense is stopping the opponent when we have to, the offensive line is producing again, we are primed for a special game and victory.

Let us not forget the efforts and the heart of guys like Eric Weddle, Jacob Hestor, Luis Castillo, Stephen Cooper, Shaun Phillips, Tim Dobbins, Gyles Tucker, A special thanks to never say die Antoine Applewhite, signed from the practice squad, no fear Kasim Osgood, and the little guy, Mr. big cajones himself, Darren Sproles, one of the fastest guys in the National Football League.

If Norv Turner calls plays like he has in the last few weeks, and doesn’t go sissy on us, we will waltz into the playoffs at 100% strength.

The Chargers will then be the dark horse favorite playoff team in the 2008/2009 season.

If and when we beat the Indianapolis Colts in San Diego, we will then go beat the Steelers or Titans, or the Patriots, and achieve the Super bowl goal.

We will then get to Eli Manning and win our elusive championship.

Keep hope alive San Diego Super Chargers fans, because mark my words, this WILL happen.

God Bless, take care.

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