Cherry Pie Day! How to celebrate it in style or on a budget

Step 1: Go to and look at all the history of cherries and cherry pie. It is great reading! This is also where I got inspiration for my article on cherry pie day.

Step 2: Put on your favorite cherry clothing item (apron shirt , skirt, pin, earrings bracelet or pants) or on a blank shirt draw cherries or cherry pie. Add slogans on the shirt about cherries (such as Cherry is the new Apple pie and I like Cherry pie). Also play cherry themed games that you make or buy. (HI-ho cherry o is my favorite cherry game).Just make it fun for your family. This is what the day is all about.

Sep 3: Decorate your kitchen or any other room in the home with cherry items or decorations (like cherry curtains, pie hand mitts, cherry pillows and more). Another idea is to make banners and posters celebrating the holiday of cherries.

Step 4: Make or buy cherry pie. also mini cherry pies will do (they are like $.50 a piece) if you are on a budget. Also serve cherry flavored drinks such as cherry Kool-aid and cherry coke. For heathier options serve milk, fruit juice or water.


Step 5: Eat Cherry pie plain or add on the whip cream or other toppings like caramel, marsh mellows or nuts. Mix up the toppings if desired. Cherry pie is the best with vanilla ice cream though.

Enjoy the day by follow all of the steps or just one. Just make it fun! Have a Happy Cherry Pie day February 20!