Chicken with Red Beans and Rice Recipe


Kidney Beans- Use about a pound

Salt and Pepper

Rice- Brown or white, 4-6 cups.

Tomatoes- 2 chopped and peeled.

Chicken- 1 lb.

Onion- Use one or one and a half. White or sweet. Chopped

The chicken seasoning can be up to you I usually use House Autry chicken breader or Seasoned salt

Olive oil

1. Wash the beans and bring the water to a boil. Cook thoroughly and drain. Do the same with the rice in separate pots of course.

2. Get a pan and put it on the stove. Pour in enough olive oil to have a thin layer covering the pan, heat oil using the medium high setting.

3. Take the chicken and cover with seasoning of your choice. Place the chicken inside the pan.

4. Pour the chopped onion into the pan.

5. Cook the chicken until the middle turns white and the onions should fry up nicely in the oil. Don’t burn them.

6. Take the kidney beans and rice and combine them into one bowl and mix them around.

7. Right before the chicken is done put the tomatos in the pan with them to heat it up a bit.

8. Combine the chicken, tomatoes, and onion with the beans and rice. Let cool and serve.

This should have about 5-6 servings in it. It really depends on how much you eat if you’re like me it will probably be significantly less than that. This is a very quick and simple meal if you boil the rice and bean simultaneously it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes all together and it tastes great. Enjoy your meal.  You could also add eggs the red beans and rice is a very versitile base to build other meals off of.