Children and Animals are Adorable BFFs

There’s no doubt about it: animals are the best, most loving friends you’ll ever have. So, what could be better than having adorable animals and your children becoming best friends? A dog, a cat, a bunny or any other pet will show your children love and protection, values that they will cherish forever! Don’t miss our gallery full of adorable buddies, and make sure you check #3, #8 and #10, they’re our favourites!

#12. Friends Napping Together

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

You know what they say… Friends that nap together, stay together! Aren’t this baby boy and his little husky the cutest combo? If you think so, and you think you can handle more cuteness, click to see our next photo!

#11. Safe nap

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Doesn’t this baby baby girl look completely calm while sleeping next to her two BFFs? Don’t miss our next photo to see two adorable spooning buddies!

#10. Happy Spoon

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Surely you weren’t ready for these two lovely spooning buddies! While this furry fella is dreaming about his best friend, he’s right next to him wide awake, waiting for him to wake up and play!

#9. (Grumpy) Hug

Photo; Courtesy of Cutest Paw

This grumpy kitty loves its human so much, that it is willing to endure very long hugs. That’s true friendship!

#8. Doggy Kisses

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

This baby girl sure is the luckiest one on the planet. She has a big brother who not only takes care of her, but also spreads love all over her cute little face. If you think these two are adorable, wait until you see our kitty blanket!

#7. Kitty Blanket

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

There’s no better way to sleep than with a comfy and lovely kitty blanket, is there? Go to our next picture to find out!

#6. Lean on me, buddy!

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw.

Sometimes a kid has to be the big boy and watch over his pup. Take a look at this kid and his best friend comfortably sleeping on his shoulder. Go to our next picture to see if sleeping is the only thing a puppy can do…

#5. First Kiss

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Isn’t this baby’s first kiss adorable? If you don’t think love is all over the place when you put babies and animals yet, wait until you see our final slides!

#4. Bunny Love

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Bunnies are lovely animals and if you put them together with kids, you’re in for a ride of eternal love and cuteness! Remember our napping babies? Click next to see more of them!

#3. Sleeping Cuddles

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

This has to be our favourite picture ever! A cute baby safely sleeping, surrounded by his best friends. Go to our next slide to see the definiton of friendship goals!

#2. Matching Headbands

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

A baby and her bestie wearing matching headbands. That’s what we call friendship goals! For one more smile, don’t miss our final slide…

#1. Happy Bounce

Photo: Courtesy of Cutest Paw

Altough the baby and the pug have decided to share the bouncy chair, something tell us that this cute boy cannot wait for the baby to leave him alone with it, so he can have it all to himself.