Chinese Takeover Of Canada



Chinese expansion is nothing new. Lets be honest, in order for a society or culture to survive, they must expand. Humans alone, left our native Africa and expanded around the glode to create the various races we now have. Then, it is only fitting, that the chinese have taken it upon themselves to expand to various countries. We must understand that in China, everything is sensored. There could be a mine explosion, 50 miles away from where you live but you’ll never know. This is the Chinese government controlling it’s populus. There is not “force labour” per say, but one must do forced labour in order to survive and support their families. Millions of young people work in electronic companies to feed the technological need of the rest of the spoiled world. So what would you do if you were stuck in these circumstances but were seeking growth and freedom. Well you would leave your native country in search, in hopes of a better life from you and your family. The historical records show that in 1788 the first Chinese immigrants landed in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. That group population was small ranging in the 30s. Then in 1858 came the real large numbers. This was do entirely to the goldrush. The Chinese workers brought with them mining techniques and information that were superior to those employed. The Chinese workers never gave up and stayed working in the mines long after others gave up. The Chinese also helped construct parts of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Basically the Chinese have been in Canada for a long time. Now they know, money does not grow on trees here and that it must be earned. As history has taught us, they are willing to earn that money tree. There are so many little China-towns in Canada that one visiting would wonder what is going on. The Chinese also send the most immigrants to Canada. I am not disappointed at this fact. The way I see it is, China is a super power. They have been a super power along side, Russia and the US for many years. They have enough nuclear weapons to destroy whatever they choose. So I want them on my side! Remember consistent persistence overcomes resistance.