Christmas Gift Ideas for Librans and Scorpios

Below are suggestions for Librans and Scorpios based on their sun sign characteristics.

 Gift Ideas for Libra

Libra is a diplomatic and tactful sign. The symbol for Libra is the scales representing “balance” which is always associated with this sign. Librans are sociable, friendly, charming and helpful. They are at their best when spending time with partners, family and loved-ones.

 They love to party. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and this gives them an appreciation for art, beauty, literature and music. If planning to buy them a CD, because Libra is already likely to have a large collection of their favourite music, check they haven’t already got it first. Librans enjoy balance and would appreciate gifts that come in pairs such as a matching pair of robes for Libra and their partner, bookends, candlesticks, a bottle of wine with two glasses and other “his and her” gift sets. When buying personal items such as jewellery, clothing and cosmetics, go for something tasteful and refined. Libra colours are pink, lavender and light green

 Other Ideas for Libran’s Christmas Gift List Include: Fresh flowers, tickets to the theatre, candles, intimate dinner-for-two in a romantic setting, perfume, silk scarves and ties, romantic novels, poetry books, pair of candlesticks, a watercolour painting by their favourite artist.

 Gift Ideas for Scorpio for Christmas

Scorpio is a passionate, resourceful and determined sign. Scorpios are motivated and responsible people. Whatever gets their interest, they will stick at it until they’re happy with the results. They will perfect their talents by trying, trying and trying again. For this reason, Scorpio will be delighted with craft activities and anything they can get their teeth into.

Scorpio loves mystery and is interested in mystical subjects too. Books on meditation, religion and philosophy, and self-help books will give them something to dip into with interest over the holidays. Scorpio might also appreciate candles, aromatherapy products, incense burners and incense sticks. To satisfy their love of a mystery, Scorpio will enjoy games and gifts that offer a degree of challenge such as board games like Cluedo and Chess, Who-dunnit mysteries and detective stories. Scorpio is also a very sensual sign and their romantic side will appreciate gifts like roses, luxury perfume, scented candles, lingerie and champagne. Topaz is the Scorpio’s gemstone. They usually prefer dark colours.

 Other Ideas to Include on the Scorpio’s Gift List: Keepsake box, personal diary with a lock, telescope, binoculars, digital camera, tactical computer games, satin sheets, designer watch, puzzle books, astrological birth chart