Christmas in The Philippines

Nothing can compare with the joyous Christmas celebration in the Philippines. Christmas songs are ringing in the air starting on the month of Septmber. Can you imagine that? while here in America, I could not even feel the spirit of Christmas in Decemb except when  I go to the malls and gocery stores where displays of Christmas decorations are found. Oh yeah, the houses around are fully decorated with Christmas lights,  lanterns are everywhere but still I can not feel the joyous celebration ofChristmas unlike what they have in the Philippines  There’s nothing I can compare to the excitement Filipinos have during Christmas season in the Philippines.

The Christmas carols ringing in the air. The kids and  adults caroling in neigboring houses which I could imagine they roam around in groups singing from one house to another  expecting monetary gifts to be used for their Christmas party. You can not  find that in western countries. Neigbors here are very quiet as if no body is around.That is why  most Filipinos living abroad, go back home to the Philippines during December because this is the most exciting event of the year that they will never experience outside the Philippines.

Not all people in the Philippines are well to do to spend for a lavish party but all are celebrating regardless of what their economic situations are. The poor and average people have their own simple way of celebrating the event and the rich also have a grand party. Everybody is enjoying  regardless of their standing in society.

People are buying gifts to give to their loved ones. You can see the spirit of giving in most Filipinos during Christmas because even if they have just barely enough for their needs but still they can buy something to give to their loved ones. Isn’t  that touching?  You can never see that in other countries I think. Christmas season is also the time where members of the family will gather together to celebrate and enjoy. Christmas season is something to cherish specially when you are away from home.