Christmas Presents for Men

It is that time of the year again when we are thinking about what to give our love ones. Next month it will be Christmas. Let us talk about the perfect Christmas presents for men.

Hmmm. If you ask me, what do I want to get for Christmas?

Well, most men don’t really care for jewelries. And of course we don’t wear makeup like you women. Uhm. Ok some men do wear make up. But are they really men? I mean men inside? No offense to the third sex. *smiles*. Just having a little fun. You don’t really consider yourself men so I assume it’s cool.

If you were to ask me what present I might enjoy…perfume would be fine.

It is simple really just think about something I can use. Like a T-Shirt, Handkerchief. Nothing grand really.

If we are rich and I am really important to you, if you suddenly give me a car then I would say woah! I would be smiling from ear to ear.

You can also think about what you see me interested in. If you know that I like playing golf, you could buy me a golf club. Or perhaps a hat to cover my head when the sun is hot. I would really appreciate it.

Or maybe you can buy me a toy I don’t have yet. You see, men don’t really grow up. There are things in our boyhood that continues to facinate us. Have you been keen enough to notice which one?

Clue. There are some who still collect Star Wars action figures, anime figurines, miniature models of cars, boats, airplanes,etc. Some are playing radio controlled helicopters in open fields. Some are really interested in 3D modeling and Animation like me. You could say – but that is art!  Not really.  For me it is still a toy, albeit a virtual one. I like to make my own toy and make them move.

You could also give me something I could use for work. That way, when I see a hot chick in the office, and then I happen to glance at your present, it will help remind me that I should not fool around. Ooops!