CISSP certification has received authorized acknowledgment by the Department of Defense

Candidates having at least 5 years experience in information security in minimum two domains of CISSP CBK can go for the training and exam. Candidates holding a four years degree in informational technology are provided one year relaxation in the experience part. Those who are not having that experience level can get hold of a membership as Associate of ISC2 by completion of CISSP exam. A candidate will in such cases get 6 years of time to become a CISSP. The candidates can get hold of all the requisite information from the website of ISC2. The textbook ‘official (ISC) 2 Guide to the CISSP’ is highly beneficial for the candidates. The candidates also can get training through on line procedure. If both the procedures are not convenient for the candidates there is another option of eLearning. ISC2 has come up with this option for those individuals who do not have the time to attend classroom trainings or on line training. The eLearning procedure is highly in demand nowadays as through this everybody will be able to have the benefits of training sitting anywhere at any time regardless of their hectic lifestyle.

Cybercrime is of various types. Crime does not only happen through a computer with an internet connection. It can also take place through telephones. For crimes occurring through telephonic network one needs to track the telephone number through internet. For removing all kinds of cybercrime CISSP training and the certification are of utmost importance. In fact it is mandatory to have such training and certification. Institutes like The Knowledge Academy make it sure that the candidates will pass the course without any hesitation.

If you have enormous acquaintance in internet and computer and if you are actually concerned to go in defense then this training is very useful. Such training will give extensive knowledge, how you will track them swiftly and this training will carry out a number of exams which are not so easy to pass because you have to answer 250 multiple choice questions within the time span of 6 hours. So, if you are really enthusiastic to do this training then you have to put a great effort because they will prepare you in such way that when you will get into real world, you will not face any setback. Principally such training is high paying training. So, when you will be highly firm to do this job then only you should go for this training and CISSP exam otherwise not. CISSP training and the certification can be very fortunate and effective for your career.

The CISSP course and CISSP exam content:

The CISSP exam and course covers 10 vital core domains. Those are:

·         Application security

·         Access control

·         Cryptography

·         Business continuity and Disaster recovery planning

·         Legal, compliance, regulation and investigations

·         Risk management and Information security

·         Operation security

·         Security design and architecture

·         Physical security

·         Network and telecommunications security