City of Heroes Aura and Effects Guide Gaining Cool Graphical Affects in CoH and CoV

At level 20, a hero or villain roaming the streets of Paragon City earns the right to wear a cape, but that is not the last thing he can earn as he gains status in the eyes of the super hero or super villian groups that dominate the battle for good and evil within the city. At level 30, a character can do another quest which gives his super powers aura that enhance the visual presence of the hero.

These powers can look good, but they can be distracting, so they are not available all the the time. In fact, the auras can only be seen when the appropriate powers are used. This is not a problem as going around with a light around a person’s body can be distracting.

The City of Heroes Aura Quest

Like the cape quest, the aura/effects quest is a series of missions that start with one NPC. While the cape quest missions can vary, there are only three missions that need to be completed before a character can earn auras and effects on his power. The Non-player character that gives the auras and effects missions can be found in Atlas Park. The missions progress in the following order, according to the Livejournal City of Heroes FAQ page

  • Defeat 15-35 Freakshow to get some of their technological equipment
  • Defeat 15-35 Rikiti for a Proton Accelerator
  • Defeat 15-35 Devouring Earth for a Sample of their Goo

After the character has defeated the villains from the above factions, he must return to the science orgin contact in Atlas Park. The scientist then takes the gear and produces the necessary equipment to add effects to the now even more graphically impressive abilities of the super hero or super villain.

No Door Missions for the Aura Quest in City of Heroes

Unlike the City of Heroes cape quest, the aura and effedts quest quest does not require the character to enter any buildings, often called door missions, in order to complete it. A character can take on missions that ask him to defeat these factions, but he can also take the battle to the streets of Paragon City. Once the cape quest is done, the character might want to find the dance club or get to the highest levels of the game and make the world a better place by defeating one super villain at a time.


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