Cmos Digital Slr Camera

The CMOS Digital SLR Camera spans 5.8 inches in size, and weighs only 1.8 pounds only, which is approximately two times, than that of a regular bread; quite light! It comes with an 18 mega pixel CMOS sensor, and hence it’s named the CMOS Digital SLR Camera. The high mega pixel camera is coupled with a strong Dual 4 image processor.

One can easily crop the taken image, without getting into unnecessary concern about loosing necessary details. That the image is captured in the highest possible sensibility is made sure by the CMOS sensor, and in the way, making the user experience smoothness. The Dual processor makes sure that the speed of processing the image is swift enough to

make the user feel pride of owning the CMOS Digital SLR Camera. The whole process starting from clicking the capture button till having the image ready, after having it processed for the best quality (through an in built artificial intelligence) takes some 10 micro seconds. It has the all new face detection capability; which means it can recognize faces, while you are capturing human images. And once the Camera recognizes that you are shooting a picture which has faces, it will put the faces in some sort of parenthesis, thus letting you know that the camera has come to know that it must be careful about

the faces, so that they are given extra care. It adjusts the brightness, and contrast of those faces, in such a way, that the faces are clear, and recognizable, even if they are shot from great distance.

The CMOS Camera knows, if you are shooting in dusk or dawn, or in broad daylight of mid day. It adjusts the setting in such a way, such that you neither get a brightened photo, when captured in the mid day, nor you get a blackened a photo, if shot at the dust. The amazing part is, it even has different settings, or rather in other words, “it differently recognizes” dusk and dawn, which even human has trouble recognizing without looking at the clock or the size of the sun.

It has a capability of fine tuning, through which it can make the background blurred enough to contrast the image loudly, which you actually wished to focus on.

A lot is discussed on still capturing. Let’s now discuss a few features of video capturing, thus concluding the article. The camera has the capability to capture three sizes of videos; these are; 1920 x1080, 1280 x 720 and 640 x 480. The videos get captured in high quality, with huge number of frames for few microseconds. Which means you will be able to capture, high speed videos without loosing any necessary details. The shutter speed being excellent, high speed still photos can also be captured.