Coconut Oil Uses & Benefits

Stress – Apply virgin coconut oil to the side of your head and massage gently in a circular motion. The natural aroma of coconut can calm your nerves naturally thus helping to lower your stress level.

Scrapes and Cuts – Applying coconut oil on the wound forms a thin, protective layer which prevents outside dust, bacteria and virus from breaking into the wound. Even if some bacteria and virus enter before your application, the oil’s anti-viral and anti-bacteria compounds will penetrate and destroy the bacteria and virus on the spot.

Yeast Infection – Soak an organic tampon in virgin coconut oil for 15 minutes and inserting it overnight will clear up the infection. For best effect, continue with 3 more days until you’re sure the infection is totally gone.

Bladder Infection – Knock out your bladder infection in just a few hours with coconut oil consumption.

Toe Fungus – Rub the oil on your feet and its anti-fungal properties will clear up the fungus for you. No more athlete’s foot.

Body Odor – You can use coconut oil as a deodorant. But you’ll get even more fabulous result when combined with cornstarch / arrowroot powder and baking soda.

Protein Loss in Hair – Though the oil in itself doesn’t contain protein, it provides an effective coating to prevent protein loss in your hair. You want your hair to look shiny and radiant, applying just a dab will do the trick. Too much can make your hair too greasy for comfort and can easily have dust sticking on it.

Keep Your Hair in Shape – You want to preserve the curls and keep your hair in line? Use coconut oil.

Remove Your Makeup – Apply a small amount of coconut oil on the cotton swab and clean up your makeup. Unlike other makeup removers, this oil keeps your skin moisturized at the same time right after.

Natural Protection at Beach – You can use coconut oil as a natural sunscreen to keep sunburn at bay.

Dry, Cracked Skin – Apply a dab of coconut oil, rub and massage the dry area for about 5 minutes, the oil will penetrate and moisturizes your skin. It works wonders on cracked heels too. I suggest that you apply the oil every night before bed to totally cut off the relapse.

Dry or Cracked Lips – Many lip balms contain coconut oil as a staple ingredient. But you can make your own portable lip balm by pouring coconut oil over to a small, clean bottle. It keeps your lips smooth, silky, and shiny. And it heals any cracks in your lips too.

After-Bath Skin Conditioner – You don’t have to use coconut oil only for treatment. Apply on your skin right after bath. It makes your skin super soft.

I can go on and on and the benefits of coconut oil don’t seem to end. Try it yourself and I believe you could very well discover more benefits in your daily usage.