Combatting Weight Gain Through Emotional Eating

Emotional eating disorders can really be said to be the practise of seeking food to pacify yourself when emotional crisis strike. Eating due to emotional problems is a frequent contributor of gaining pounds and it can become a major crisis due to the fact that the gaining of extra pounds itself can become an emotional issue which adds to further seeking refuge in food.

The massive problem that sufferers of comfort eating face is that there is very little that may be done to combat the gaining of pounds with much success. The most frequently used forms of weight loss actually do not work that good as the desire to comfort oneself with food in times of emotional upheaval overrides the desire to get thin.

Traditional diets often is a massive disaster. It seems as if all is on track when you first embark on a calorie restrictive diet but as soon as a issue emerges you take comfort in food. Once you realise that you’ve just broken your diet and additional guilt and emotional stress emerges causing you to once again find refuge in food.

Diet pills that reduce hunger also do not help. You indulge to pacify stress, not because you you want food. Even the most effective appetite suppressing supplement won’t prevent you from binging the minute a issue surfaces.

Adhering to conventional dieting systems to try to get rid of fat caused by emotional eating is similar to the person who attempts to maintain his weeds in their garden in check through cutting them with the grass. A day or two after the weeds have been trimmed are growing back and each and every occasion which you mow the weeds they seem to grow back faster and stronger than ever before.

In order to remove the weeds for once and for all you need to pull out the roots. Once the root is taken out the weed may never return again. With emotional stress you need to remove the root cause of the problem. Once you have removed the root cause the symptoms of weight gain will be removed permanently.

There is only one program that I have knowledge of that successfully assists you to overcome weight problems as a result of emotional eating. The online course by Dr Frank Smoot is a biblically based weight control course but it is for people from all religions.

Weight loss God’s Way uses bible based principles to enable you to remove all the issues in your life that produce emotional problems. Within just a few days of embarking on the ebook you will suddenly discover that the pounds just appears to be melting off without any effort on your part. The greatest thing is that once the weight is gone it does not return.

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