Come And Learn About The Greatest Gift Of All. Most People Push This Gift Away

The Greatest gift of all is love, God is love. We all have the greatest gift here in our mist showing us how to be great, but some deny it.

Some people know how to use this gift, some people don’t know how to use this gift, some don’t know what the gift is, and some don’t understand this gift.

Serving love is not an easy thing especially if you have been brought up in a disturb history, a side ways memory.  Everyone has this gift.  “Let’s make man in our image (imagination).”  You can’t get to a clear imagination without the gift.

Listen to this: A good seed planted in good soil, bears good fruit; a bad seed is planet in bad soil, bears bad fruit.
You will reap what you sow; if you are planting bad imaginations in bad soil you will reap those imaginations.  Your life becomes easier when you are closer to the gift.

God blew breath in man lungs and made him a living being.

People are being taught a different way from truth.

Everyday we should get better in our walk with the creator, learning and understanding that he/she really is, not being close minded to the fact that there is a much bigger and powerful source out here, which is greater than us.  Doing some research is always great. I can understand that going to your local church is not what you want to do, but there is some answer there and checking other temples and shrines as well.  We must seek within us first to find that source.

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