Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Buses remain a very affordable kind of transport and they are used by numerous people everyday for their commutes. However, bus accidents are also quite common and these can happen for a number of causes. Some of the causes for bus accidents can be enlisted as follows.

Main causes for bus accidents

•    Negligence or incompetence of the driver is a very common cause for bus accidents. A bus is a huge vehicle and maneuvering it is a complex task. Also, rush hour traffic and the major confusion that it creates can be overwhelming for new drivers. It is therefore extremely necessary that only experienced drivers be allowed to handle such a huge and important vehicle.

•    Defects in the basic machinery of the bus can affect the handling of the bus. This is also an important factor that leads to many cases of accidents by bus. Tires and other machinery should be thoroughly checked for maintenance at the start of each working schedule. This will ensure that the problems related to these are in check. This can alleviate a lot of accident cases.

•    The quality of the road also plays a significant role in the rate of bus accidents. Obviously, incorrect or poorly visible road signs, poor road construction and faulty road designs can definitely affect the maneuverability of the huge vehicle and it can just as easily cause major accidents.

•    Bad weather has always been one of the most common causes of bus accidents. This is specifically because bad weather can compromise the visibility of the bus driver and also sometimes hamper the road conditions. Together, these two situations are ideal for accidents.

•    In case there is an absence of emergency exits and other safety precautions in the bus, even a small intensity accident can cause major damage to lives and properties. At the very least, it can cause extreme injuries for the passengers and this situation can easily be avoided by the proper maintenance and improvement of safety standards of the bus.

These are some of the most important causes of accidents involving buses. A bus is a means of bulk transport. As a result, in any bus accident the potential rate of people who can be injured is very high. Also, the crash or bump of such a huge vehicle almost always results in the increase in the magnitude of the accident. It is also better to know about the possible parties that can be held liable for the accident so that later on it becomes easy for the passengers to file for compensation or insurance claims.

Major liable parties for bus accidents

•    The driver of the bus can be held responsible for an accident involving their bus.
•    The bus company can be sued for the accident.
•    Repair companies or manufacturing companies can be sued if the accident is due to their incompetence.
•    If the accident is due to some disturbing passengers, a case can be filed against them.

Bus accidents are very dangerous but with careful measures, the rate of such accidents can be easily brought under control.